Maturity of 10 Gbit/s industry and rapid growth to 100 billion connections will enable 5.5G

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[Shenzhen, China, April 20, 2023] Guan Bing, Vice President of Wireless Solutions at Huawei, delivered a keynote speech at Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2023. The speech, titled “Bringing 5.5G into Reality”, focused on the 5.5G industry chain and business He argued that the rapid convergence of scenarios will make 5.5G a reality and bring new opportunities to the entire industry. .

Ganbin Keynote Speech

Kang Bin giving a keynote speech titled “Bringing 5.5G into Reality”

10 Gbit/s capability is becoming a reality as the industrial chain and business scenarios are ready.

10 Gbit/s business scenarios are ready: The human-home connection experience has been upgraded. Consumer mobile services are becoming increasingly immersive and interactive, while large-screen home services are migrating to 3D and HD formats. Such service changes include upgrading the network experience from 1.0 featuring ubiquitous Gigabit to 2.0 featuring 5.5G 10 Gigabit/s downlink, Gigabit/s uplink and deterministic experience. is required.

10 Gbit/s ultra-wideband spectrum and chipset ready: Spectrum and chipsets are the cornerstones of the 10 Gbit/s experience. So far, the existing sub-6 GHz spectrum is beginning to be restructured to achieve ultra-high bandwidth. A significant part of the 5.5G spectrum, mmWave has been allocated to 25 countries and guaranteed to implement 10 Gbit/s capability. At the same time, a 5.5G chipset will be released supporting 10 Gbit/s services, enabling 10 component carriers in mmWave and 5 component carriers in sub-6GHz. The foundation for the 10 Gbit/s experience has been established.

10 Gbit/s product ready, ELAA-MM will support all frequency bands: Massive MIMO supporting very large antenna arrays (ELAA-MM) enables operators to deliver 10 Gbit/s continuous coverage in the sub-6 GHz TDD spectrum. This allows 4.9 GHz and 6 GHz to offer the same level of performance as 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz respectively. The mmWave spectrum uses ELAA-MM to overcome mobility and coverage issues, enabling ubiquitous high-speed mobility. Similarly, in the sub-3 GHz FDD spectrum, the combination of ELAA-MM and MBSC enables a more deterministic experience.

According to Gan, 10 Gbit/s and deterministic experience are essential for 5.5G to evolve towards Experience 2.0 and improve network deployment. Ultra-wide bandwidth spectrum across all bands and his ELAA-MM play a key role in supporting this and enabling rapid network deployment.

Second, 100 billion connections are coming soon. The transition from IoT 1.0 to IoT 2.0 requires upgrading high-speed, high-value connectivity (5G NR) to “all-scenario connectivity”. This enables 100 billion all-element connections across all scenarios and processes.

Scale up commercial RedCap applications: RedCap chipsets, modules, and devices are maturing rapidly, and by the end of 2023, there will be over 50 commercial RedCap devices. This will allow his RedCap to be widely commercialized in various scenarios such as smart power, smart security and smart manufacturing.

Passive IoT is maturing rapidly: Passive IoT is a technology that enables connectivity for any scenario. Such connectivity is critical for end-to-end logistics and production process visibility, and can improve factory production efficiency by 10-30%. This passive his IoT industry is developing rapidly, terminal tag prototypes are already available, and spectrum, product forms and business models are actively defined in various markets.

Harmonized Communication and Sensing (HCS) is actively researched.: HCS technology offers more connections and enhanced capabilities that can generate new business for operators. Research on sensing via new frequencies mmWave and traditional spectrum is already underway. These sensing capabilities are useful in a variety of scenarios, from smart transportation to smart his ocean to low-flying drone flight applications.

Mr. Gan concluded his speech by stating: The Future of Smart Life and the Digital Economy. Huawei is committed to working with the entire industry to promote the convergence of the 5.5G industrial chain and business scenarios, promoting the transformation to a digital and intelligent society. “

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