Lawmakers Consider Lowering Retirement Age for Teachers | News


Retirement age will be 66 to 64.

Minnesota – DFL members of the Minnesota Legislature are still pushing for legislation as the 2023 session draws to a close.

One of the newly submitted bills includes measures to lower the retirement age for teachers from 66 to 64.

The bill would also increase the amount employees pay to their pension plans by 0.5%, with employers paying 1%.

Rochester Education Association President Dan Kullman said the Minnesota Department of Education has been working with legislators since 2022 to introduce the bill.

Kurfman added that the impetus for the bill’s passage stems from changes in educational technology over the years.

“As teaching becomes more challenging, teachers are increasingly realizing that they are exhausted in their position, including changes in the way they are run and changes in the curriculum to an e-curriculum. The part is “making laws,” Kuhlman said.

In 1989, when Minnesota’s “90-year-old rule” expired, the retirement age changed based on years of service and the age of the teacher, Kuhlman said.

Mr. Kuhlman said that once a person reaches 90 years of service and age, he or she will be eligible to retire.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

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