Is Texas Rent Relief still available this month?


IWhat’s the unfortunate news for needy Texans financial aid When it comes to housing, there isn’t enough money in the pot to help everyone who asks for it.

of Texas Housing and Community Affairs Authority (TDHCA) One avenue made for people who struggled to pay their rent each week and risked losing their homes had to shut down. we state.

TDHCA announced in mid-March that it had to end the Texas Rent Relief Program because it received so many applications within 24 hours of its opening.

Over 70,000 people applied for help in the first 24 hours. This means there are too many people to help effectively.

Texas Rent Relief Program Timeline

When the portal first opened in 2021, there were less than 20,000 applications in the first 24 hours.

This has made administration easier, and since the program launched in February 2021, more than $2.1 billion has been provided in emergency funding for rent and utility relief.

It serves more than 316,000 households in 250 Texas counties. As a result, this relief has prevented the displacement of more than 21,000 households.

Currently, the future of the Texas Rent Relief Program is up in the air, and there is currently no information on whether or when TDHCA will reopen the portal.

Is the Texas Rent Relief program still in place?

Of the over 70,000 applications that arrived before the portal was closed, people facing eviction will be given priority as long as they have a valid eviction docket number.

Closing the portal early will allow staff to more effectively process applications that need to be processed first, and will help distribute payments faster to those who need them.

However, we are not accepting new applications at this time as part of the Texas Rent Relief Program.

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