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  • Luckman Submachine Gun Vest Loadout

Modern Warfare 2 is out, marking the best-selling opening weekend in Call of Duty history. Millions of people are jumping into the game to hone their skills and unlock all the weapons and rewards to come out on top in every multiplayer match. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 see the return of many weapons such as the M4 and the MP5 mysteriously renamed to the Lachmann Sub.

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of Luckman Sub A submachine gun with excellent performance at close to medium range. Very high DPS due to high rate of firegun too Good maneuverability, handling and recoil control, perfect for aggressive players who prefer a run-and-gun playstyle. While this weapon is desirable to many, the Lachmann Sub cannot be unlocked through conventional means and must be accessed through the Lachmann-762 weapon tree. Here’s how to unlock the Lachmann Sub and the best attachments to equip it.

Updated by Nathan Round on November 29, 2022. We’ve updated this post with useful loadout information for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 players.

Unlock the Lachmann Sub

Luckman Sub Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2, you must first meet the following prerequisites:First you need to Unlock Lachmann-762is a battle rifle that became available when you reach level 16. Then you Lachmann-762 to weapon level 13and by doing so you are given access to Luckman-556 Assault rifle.Now all that’s left to do is get you Lachmann-556 to weapon level 12 Get access to the Lachmann Sub. Weapon leveling is a very simple task. All you need to do is use them in a match to eliminate them. However, if you want your weapon to level up twice as fast, keep looking for events in Modern Warfare 2 that double his Weapon XP.

Luckman Submachine Gun Vest Loadout

Best attachment for Lachmann Sub, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2


Strong Points


XTEN RR-40 (muzzle)

  • silence
  • Bullet speed
  • damage range
  • recoil smoothness
  • aim down sight speed
  • aiming stability

FTAC TIGER GRIP (under barrel)

  • Aiming for idling stability
  • hip fire accuracy
  • recoil stabilization
  • walking speed
  • aim down sight speed

VLK LZR 7MW (laser)

  • aim down sight speed
  • aiming stability
  • Sprint to Firespeed

LACHMANN TCG-10 (rear grip)

40 ROUND MAG (magazine)

  • Moving Speed
  • aim down sight speed
  • reload speed
  • Sprint to Firespeed

The attachment chosen for the Lachmann Sub dramatically improve its accuracyeven as Increased range, damage and recoil controlHowever, this comes at the cost of some mobility.of Extension RR-40 The muzzle attachment was our first choice, not only increasing the effective range of the Lachman Sub, but also keeps you away from the enemy’s compass while firing a weapon.This attachment also Smooth recoil for greater accuracy Increase bullet velocity to help bullets reach their target faster.

Then go ahead and equip FTAC Tiger Grip and the Lachman TCG-10. By doing so More control over recoil Improve those midrange engagements. Increased hip-fire accuracy Useful if you are caught off guard and need to fire from the hip. VLK LZR 7MW A laser is also a must-have attachment. Greatly increases ADS and sprint-to-fire speedThis is especially useful for SMG classes that want to be as agile as possible. You can tailor this gun to your run-and-gun playstyle by raising it faster.

As a final attachment, 40 round mugs. This attachment Increases magazine ammo capacity from 30 to 40 round, increasing the viability of the gun for racking up killstreaks in a single life. You can equip a 50-round drum magazine, but doing so will significantly slow the weapon down. we, 40 round magazine Provides a better balance between speed and gun holding more rounds.

best perks

Tracker, Scavenger, Fast Hand, Quick Fix: Modern Warfare 2

Base benefits

Bonus perks (earned in matches)

Ultimate Perk (earned in a match)

Tracker & Scavenger

first hand

quick fix

If you are a regular multiplayer player, please create a custom perk package that includes the above perks.The first selection of base benefits is trackerTrackers are very useful for tracking enemy players as they leave this at any time track your opponent Take advantage of the effectiveness of Lachman submarines at close range. Trackers also have the following additional benefits: Hide killskulls from the enemy teamallowing stealth to be used to your advantage.

Scavenger It should definitely be your second option.This way you can also do Make sure your primary weapon is always full of ammomaking it more viable for gaining killstreaks and MGB cores. Fasthand that greatly increases reload speedThis will compensate for the reduced reload speed caused by the 40-ROUND MAG.. Finally equip quick fix As your ultimate perk. Stim can run, but unfortunately he can only have one inventory at a time.That’s why a quick fix would be your best option Start regenerating health quickly As long as you’re getting kills. This is a great benefit for players looking to extend their lifespan and achieve more streaks.

All Warzone players should choose one of the pre-configured Perk is recommended to take Weapon Specialist Benefit PackageIn this way, you can take your assault rifle into long-range combat.your alternative option is Specter Privilege PackageThis perk package is perfect for stealth that includes both. tracker and ghostIf you go for the latter option, you may also need to purchase an Assault Rifle from the Buying Station.

Secondary recommendation

Luckman Sub Loadout, Pyra Launcher, Modern Warfare 2

For multiplayer loadouts go ahead and equip A launcher that can kill killstreaksThis makes them particularly vulnerable to enemy UAVs. The best launchers in this regard are PILA and JOKR.

For Warzone loadouts: Weapons that can be used at medium to long range are goodTop assault rifles in this category include the TAQ-56, Kastov 762, and M16.

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