How to enjoy your retirement without wasting your budget


The goal of many (or most) savers and long-term investors is to achieve financial independence. The combination of building a nest egg, paying off debt, and eventually receiving Social Security and other sources of retirement income may put you in a comfortable position, but achieving financial independence Even those who have worked together to do so may disagree about what to do afterwards. their career ends.

Monetarist Quentin Fottrell spoke with a couple who are facing difficulties. The couple are financially responsible, but with retirement approaching, the wife wants to manage their investment portfolios together and prudently, while the husband has started using a significant portion of the portfolio. I would like to. They both have reasonable arguments. Here’s what they should do.

From the “Help Me Retire” column: My 57 year old husband is exhausted working 3 shifts. can he retire?

you have to get there first

Doing this even once may encourage you or someone you know to start saving and investing for the long term.

The ‘Magnificent Seven’ stock may not stay at the top

Even an index containing hundreds of stocks can be concentrated.Big tech companies drive 16% gains in S&P 500 index this year


It follows last year’s 18% decline (both with dividend reinvestment). However, the index is weighted by market capitalization, which stands for “Magnificent Seven”, or Apple.




Alphabet Inc.’s Two Common Stock Classes



, Inc.


NVIDIA Corporation




and Metaplatforms Inc.


— 27.9% of SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust



In her “Need to Know” column, Barbara Kollmeyer lists companies that could be included in the next Magnificent Seven, based on a Goldman Sachs review.

Coming back to our current Magnificent Seven story, you might be surprised to see which stocks are by far the cheapest for each commonly used valuation metric.

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Thrilling rides for EV makers

There was a lot of news in the field of electric vehicles this week. Here is a list of coverage organized by topic.

Increased sales of EV manufacturers:

  • Tesla just beat its delivery expectations by a lot, but there’s still one big unknown.
  • Rivian shares hit best day in eight months after EV production more than tripled in latest quarter

Legacy automakers report higher sales, including big increase in Ford EV sales



Reactions from analysts and investors:

In other news, Mullen Automotive


We have started delivering electric vehicles. Further developments for the company this week include the announcement of a share buyback plan and possible action against naked shortsellers.

changing job market

The June jobs report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed job creation at its lowest level since the end of 2020. And despite the Federal Reserve’s attempts to slow economic growth, demand for labor in the United States remains high.

If you’re considering a career change, what does this mean for you?

threads and twitter

Meta launched a new Threads service on Wednesday to compete directly with Twitter and has already registered 50 million users, according to some reports.

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino was quick to respond.

Further reactions:

Consumer spending could skyrocket

U.S. shoppers have been slow to shop during a period of high inflation, but the overall economy has performed better than expected, even as the Federal Reserve continues to tighten monetary policy.

Amazon and Walmart are busy with July sale events.


and Target


As James Rogers reports, it could be a sign of a turnaround for consumers.

financial crime

Lucas I. Alpert writes a financial crimes column. Have you ever wondered how a large amount of cash could be stolen from a company that likely has fairly tight accounting controls? He explains how he raised $10 million by pushing criminal record highs and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Also read: Order silver dealers to pay $146 million if 500,000 coins are lost

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