How to complete Ruins Altar Fortress in Diablo 4

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One of the best action RPGs in recent years, Diablo 4 incorporates some of the best challenges and combat mechanics in the genre. Strongholds are an effective source of rewards and XP, as they are one of the most difficult challenges players will encounter while playing. However, clearing them won’t be easy if you’re not prepared. Alter of Ruin is one of them.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to effectively clear this fortress in Diablo 4 and tackle various challenges.

Diablo 4 altar of doom fortress location

The Altar of Ruin Stronghold is very easy to find as it can be visited within the Kehjistan area. In Act 4, we finally visit this region. Located east of the Amber Sands subregion. Like all other strongholds in the game, Altar of Doom also has a recommended level for Diablo 4.

The game recommends a minimum character XP level of 48. All mobs and enemies in this fortress are initially set to level 45, but after that, all XP will be two levels higher than you.

If you are level 45 and pass through this area, the enemies inside are already level 47.

Diablo 4 Dark Cardinal Mardur Boss Battle Guide

When you first arrive at the place, the main gate is closed and fenced. However, it has a small opening on the side through which it will be possible to enter inside the main chamber. Inside, you’ll find crowds of believers worshiping the demon god Baal. Defeat all the followers and he will get 3 keystones during the ritual. Once you have it, you will finally be able to open the door.

After passing through the doorway, you will finally meet Dark Cardinal Mardur, the boss of the Altar Fortress of the Ruins. He needs to kill 2 more waves of enemies before he can try to damage him. After defeating the Annihilator Shaman and the three Unholy along with the Fallen, the Dark Cardinal Mardur’s shield breaks and the battle begins in earnest. This can be a pretty boring fight, as he continuously summons hordes of Fallen during combat. So if you’re solo and using melee builds, you’re going to be in a tough spot.

However, if you’re a Necromancer, you can minimize this hassle by raising an army of the dead to help you deal with minions that fall while you deal with bosses. Dodge his attacks and deal damage regularly, or do damage from a distance.

Sorcerers with Hydra and Inferno are another viable option in this fight as they can use teleportation for defense and advantage. Pay attention to the magic circle of Dark Cardinal Mardur. The magic circle can damage and immobilize you, leaving you vulnerable to attacks from him and his minions.

Diablo 4 Altar Fortress of Doom Rewards

After defeating the boss, interact to set the Wanderer’s Shrine on fire and conquer the home of humanity. Gain +120 Renown for Kehjistan and unlock the Altar of Ruin waypoint. Additionally, you can unlock the Forsworn Tomb Dungeon as a side dungeon for Diablo 4 rewards, loot, and XP.

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