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I’m not a technophobe or a radit…but no one thinks a gruff old rogue like me is on the cutting edge of technology.

Well, even my kids tease me for not knowing how to Snapchat.

So imagine my reaction when Magnifi’s team asked me to test their artificial intelligence investment assistant, Magnifi Personal.

It was pretty much my reaction to the idea of ​​being in a self-driving car. Hell!

The idea of ​​giving up total control and letting a machine drive it sounds downright terrifying. Just like that, fearing computers to manage my finances is equally terrifying.

This leads to an interesting twist employed by Magnifi Personal.

Magnifi allows you to maintain complete control and use this advanced technology to research and plan better. But the final decision is 100% up to you.

Ok… now you got my attention.

Let’s go on a trip together. I will share with you my experience with Magnfii Personal. Then you can start a free trial and consider whether you want to take advantage of it yourself (more on that below).

I am working hard

I think the best way to frame what Magnifi Personal can do for you is with a mission statement.

Magnifi Personal is an intuitive investment app that helps individuals manage their financial future.

intuitive”. Remember, this is powered by artificial intelligence that gets smarter over time. Understand who you are as a unique investor and dial in their recommendations so that they become more and more valuable over time.

Then, “investment app”. Today, too many people are asking Google important investment questions in an attempt to find useful answers.

Google is a popular search engine, so this is truly a hit-or-miss attempt. Like helping you track the weather forecast, Italy’s population, and Sandra Bullock’s birthday. But when it comes to investment research, planning, or finding the right stock or fund, you’re probably less enthusiastic.

Please understand that Magnifi Personal is only interested in your investment. And how all of this amazing technology came to be laser-focused to help with the important final part of it all…your financial future.

The second half of the mission is also about “empowering individuals to control their financial future.” This means it was created for individual investors and their unique needs.

I’m not a financial planner, I’m not an advisor, I’m not a money manager, I’m not Gordan Gecko.

It’s for the everyday investor, from the complete beginner who needs guidance on how to get started, to the experienced investor looking for a faster way to research and compare investments. It is made in

Then there’s the part about taking control that leverages my biggest fear I shared with you at the beginning of the article. There’s no way I’m going to let a computer control my financial future. It’s too dangerous. .

But take advantage of powerful tools that can help you take control of your financial future…Now we are working on something special.

My 3 Favorite Features

I don’t have enough time today to see all the amazing things I discovered using Magnifi Personal. So let me share a quick list of my three favorite ways to use this tool to enhance, speed up and improve your investment process.

#1: Choose Your Investment Journey

My strength is creating a macro view of the market and planning trades with the right stocks and funds. However, there are some important planning steps that investors should consider before enjoying it.

The images below show just a few of the possible investment journeys you can take with Magnifi Personal. Remember, if you don’t have a destination, you can get there by any road. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to take the right investment path that…

#2: Ask…Any Questions

Most people I talk to are truly blown away by the incredibly deep reservoir of investment research and data within Magnifi Personal. And whatever is on your mind…it has answers like you…

  • What investments are good for high inflation?
  • What are the best performing energy funds? (or the industry group you want to research).
  • Are there electric car stocks outside of China?
  • Which sectors are performing well?
  • What’s the latest news on AAPL? (or any stock)
  • Gold stocks with no exposure to Russia?

If you can come up with an investment question…perhaps Magnifi Peronal is ready to provide you with a valuable answer quickly and efficiently.

#3: Know Yourself

Magnifi has innovative tools to explore your investment personality. That’s because each of us is truly unique in what drives us as investors.

Aside from how aggressive or conservative you want to be, what really matters to us? Low cost funds…performance vs. safety…ESG…how much risk are you willing to take…etc. .

This personality assessment is a must for all investors. Especially when it comes to customizing results in combination with the benefits of AI.

what next?

Please don’t take my word for it…Time to test drive the Magnifi Personal for yourself.

We are happy to let you check out all the features mentioned above with a free trial.

Plus, take a unique journey to see how Magnifi can improve your investment process.

Just click the link below to get started now.

Magnifi Personal Free Trial >

Good luck with your investment!

Steve Lightmeister…but everyone calls me Reity (pronounced “Righty”).
CEO of, Editor of Reitmeister Total Return

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