How Advisors Can Better Serve LGBTQ+ Clients

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Evan Harp Speaks to Financial Advisors Ramona Myall. Myall reflected on how financial advisors can better serve her LGBTQ+ clients. She gave her advisor some quick and helpful tips.

Evan Harp: What are the biggest challenges financial advisors face in terms of how they treat LGBTQ+ customers and their issues?

Ramona Myall: One of the biggest challenges advisors face with their LGBTQ+ clients is a lack of understanding. There are several financial and legal considerations that clients may encounter, such as adoption and gender reassignment surgery, that require additional attention and consideration.

Harp: What can all advisors do to make clinics more welcoming to LGBTQ+ people?

Myall: Publicly demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion on your website and social media. Use inclusive language in your content and be willing to share articles that specifically address LGBTQ+ issues.

Harp: How can LGBTQ+ investors find a financial advisor who understands and respects their unique situation?

Myall: Seek referrals from known LGBTQ+ community organizations. One way is through the NGLCC (National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce), which has a database of LGBTQ+ certified businesses.

Harp: Are there any thought leaders you’d like to see?

Myall: Laura Latourette She has been an LGBTQ+ advocate for decades and lives what she preaches as an LGBTQ+ advisor and part of a lesbian-owned company.

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