Honkai: How to complete Simulated Universe World 5 in Star Rail

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The simulated universe is one of: Honkai: Starrail‘s most challenging feature, and the fifth world is an even greater difficulty step.

Formally, it’s the same as previous worlds. Players have already discovered all the elements of the 4th world, but the difficulty is even higher. The run ends with a fight against Simulated Universe boss Kafka. She will not be easy to defeat, so she must prepare the right strategies to counter her strengths, such as optimal elements and debuffs against her.

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Here’s how to complete the fifth world in the simulated universe. Honkai: Starrail.

Completion method Honkai: StarrailThe simulated space world of 5

To complete the fifth simulated universe Honkai, you should adjust your strategy mainly considering the main boss, Kafka. The team you build and the curios and blessings you build will help you progress through the levels.

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Best Teams of Simulated Universe World 5

Due to Kafka’s strengths, the teams required for the fifth simulated universe are different than the fourth. Debuff with good single target DPS and great damage potential is required.

Building a team involves the usual strategies of healer, support, main DPS and tank/sub DPS. On that team, he should have at least one debuff, but in the ideal case he could have two debuffs to survive Kafka’s attacks.

Here are some of the characters that could be the key to victory in the simulated universe’s Fifth World.

  • Natasha: An essential free-to-play healer for any team, especially if you don’t have Bailu.
    • In addition to her powerful healing, she gains a debuff ability on her skill “Sedation” during her second ascension, which makes it even more important in World 5 (this must be done when unlocking World 5. I have).
    • A 5-star healer has the lightning attribute, Kafka has a strong resistance to it, while Natasha deals physical damage and Kafka is weak to it, so in this world she is stronger than Bile.
  • Dan Hen again Kotobuki: These are the two main DPS you need against Kafka, as Kafka is weak against both wind and physical damage.
    • If you don’t have them (or aren’t ready), Yanqing and Seele However, it can also bring victory.
  • Pioneer of Fire: Any character in Path of Preservation is the key. Honkai Because Kafka does powerful damage and can be defeated if one ally goes down.which one Pioneer of Fire, March 7again Gepard As long as you’re protected from them, you’ll be fine.
  • Brogna: In addition to her debuff, she is the best support in World Five because she gives Kafka valuable wind damage and destroys shields.
  • Welts: Strongest sub-DPS in World Five thanks to imaginary attribute damage that destroys Kafka’s shields. But you have to make sure it’s sustainable enough with the rest of the team.

Overall, area damage isn’t very useful in this world. Mainly because it requires sustain and damage against Kafka himself. No need to add characters from “Erudition” or “Destruction Path”.

Recommended team level is 60. You can beat the average level below this cap, but it requires perfect strategy.

Simulated Universe World 5 Paths, Blessings and How to Select Antiques

Screen capture by Dot Esports via HoYverse

The safest path to choose in the simulated universe’s fifth world is the path of abundance.

Using the path of resonance not only grants you a significant amount of healing, but also a passive that may protect you from Kafka’s deadly attacks while providing a valuable debuff.

If you’re building a team strategy that focuses heavily on other aspects of combat, such as single target damage (The Hunt) or shielding (Save).[ハントの道]Or you can choose Other.

For Blessings, you’ll mostly want to choose those that are linked to your chosen path of resonance so that you can create combos of stat boosts and effects.

Still, you should weigh the pros and cons of other blessings you may choose, especially if they feature higher rarity levels. Finally, antiques are usually easy picks due to the simplicity of their effects.

How to beat Kafka in Simulated Universe World 5

Screen capture by Dot Esports via HoYverse

Like bosses in previous Simulated Universe worlds, Kafka has several phases of combat, requiring you to adjust your strategy to defeat her. Kafka is weak to imaginary, wind, and physical damage. Here are the details of her phases:

  • The first phase is very easy. Just kill both support units she summons to mitigate the damage. She does both single target her damage and area damage.
    • Kafka is already starting to surprise characters. Can be purified using debuffs or path of resonance (unless HP is low).
  • The second phase is even more difficult. Kafka does a lot of damage, and in some cases he applies a psychological suggestive debuff to two characters. If the effect is not canceled by the next turn, you will receive considerable damage.
    • If possible, it’s a good idea to stay on the resonance path as you approach the third phase.
  • The third and final phase requires critical timing. Kafka applies more marks that the party must cleanse on its next turn. Don’t underestimate the damage she does when her debuff activates.
    • Don’t forget to apply your shield even when your allies aren’t topping off. Even a 10% difference in his HP can turn the tide of battle.

Kafka’s advantage is that you can take her down over time while chipping her HP with each turn, as opposed to 4th World’s Svarog. All you need to win is persistence.

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