Hightower Advisors LLC Increases LendingTree Position Despite Lower Target Price

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On May 3, research firm Susquehanna lowered its price target on LendingTree to $17.00 from $36.00 in a research note, causing investor concerns. However, HighTower Advisors LLC seems unaffected by the news, further increasing its position on LendingTree. In fact, HighTower Advisors LLC increased his LendingTree stock position by 17.9% during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019, according to the latest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The institutional investor now owns 157,352 shares in the financial services provider after acquiring an additional 23,865 shares during the period.

LendingTree operates an online loan marketplace serving consumers seeking loans and other credit-based options through three main segments: Residential Segment – ​​Buying Mortgages, Refinancing Mortgages, Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit, Reverse Mortgage Loans & Real Estate. Consumer sector – credit cards, personal loans, small business loan facilitation, student loans. Insurance business – auto insurance.

We can see that LendingTree continues to receive mixed reviews from investment analysts despite expanding its market reach through the integration of complementary acquisitions in Q1 2020. This reflects concerns about future profitability due to external global economic factors, such as the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite all these uncertainties surrounding Lindsay Tree’s financial health under current market conditions, coupled with a history of significant share price volatility, Hightower Advisors will receive promising market returns from LendingTree Holdings. It seems that you are expecting that.


Updated: 2023/05/22

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Institutional Holdings at LendingTree Inc: A Comprehensive Analysis

LendingTree Inc: Analyzing Institutional Investor Holdings

LendingTree, Inc. is a well-known operator of an online loan marketplace that offers credit-based product offerings and loans to consumers. The company operates in his three segments: home, consumer and insurance. In recent quarters, the financial services provider has witnessed changes in investor holdings.

Captrust Financial Advisors increased its stake in LendingTree by 59.1% during the second quarter, acquiring an additional 267 shares, and now owns 719 shares of the company worth $32,000. Asset Management One Co Ltd raised its stake in LendingTree by 69.4% in the third quarter and now has purchased an additional 720 shares and owns 1,757 shares in the financial services provider worth $41,000. Zurich Kantner Bank also increased its stake in Lending Tree to a staggering 89.5% in the fourth quarter and now owns 2,287 shares worth $49,000 after purchasing an additional 1,080 shares. ing.

Notably, Point72 Hong Kong Limited purchased approximately $83,000 worth of new shares from LendingTree in the second quarter, and Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement Plan also purchased approximately $84,000 worth of new shares in the third quarter. .

In terms of institutional ownership, currently only hedge funds and other institutional investors own approximately 83.16% of LendingTree’s shares.

A similar move has been made on the corporate insider side, with director Mark A. Ernst recently acquiring new shares through an application to the Exchange Commission, but only about 17.90% of the shares are held by insiders. , which is much lower than hedge funds and other institutional investors.

While the stock is down significantly from last year ($66 vs. $19), LendinTree’s 50-day simple moving average is $23.01 and 200-day simple moving average is $26.96, looking stable. In addition, the company also released quarterly earnings data that appeared to be very positive, and industry analysts were bullish on the stock.

Overall, LendingTree appears to be a solid choice for investors looking for medium-risk investment options, even as institutional investors buy stocks at much lower levels than in previous quarters. I can see it.

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