Global Citizen’s Next Campaign: Reinvent Climate Finance


NEW YORK (AP) — Barbados Prime Minister Mia Motley on Thursday called for a rewrite of the rules of the world’s development banks to reduce debt in middle- and low-income countries and increase financing for climate adaptation.

“There is nothing easier for a young person to get a 30-year mortgage than for our country to fund its development to save people and save the planet. Funding the country.

Actor Hugh Jackman joined her and Hugh Evans, co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit Global Citizen, at the opening of the Global Citizen NOW Summit in New York. of individuals around the world towards change.

“There is a $16 billion shortfall in funding that the world’s richest countries have promised to the world’s poorest countries,” Evans said. “It creates a lack of trust. Without trust, there is no progress.”

He was referring to a 2009 pledge to provide $100 billion in financing by 2020 to help developing countries adapt to global warming and mitigate further temperature increases. In 2023, these richest countries still haven’t paid in full.

Global Citizen’s new campaign, Power Our Planet, fundamentally endorses Mottley’s proposal and seeks to reach the broadest audience for global banking reform and climate change financing, calling on individuals to: I am asking you to sign.

“We call on world leaders and financial institutions to prioritize the urgent need for global financial reform to empower the planet and create a more just, equitable and sustainable world. ’” the petition reads.

Motley’s plan, approved by French President Emmanuel Macron, will lower interest rates on loans offered to countries and increase the amount of funds available to invest in climate adaptation initiatives and the transition to cleaner energy sources. We aim to

“No one else has created a technical consensus on how to reform Bretton Woods institutions to generate hundreds of millions of dollars of public money for the Bretton Woods nations in a time of dire need.” said Dr. Rajiv Shah of the Rockefeller Foundation. He defended Motley’s efforts, he told the Associated Press.

Global Citizen, an organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty, is best known for its star-studded concerts in Central Park and last year’s Accra, Ghana. Encourage individuals around the world to participate in concerts, events, and mobile his applications, and use their participation to pressure political leaders to end poverty, address climate change and other inequality-related issues. I’m looking for

Global Citizen’s mobile app lets you take quizzes, sign petitions, and post on social media.

Dr. Dan Stein, founder of Giving Green, which publishes research and recommendations on climate change projects, said he supports the goals of Global Citizen’s campaign but has reservations about its potential impact.

“I challenge people to get ahead of tweets, emails and petitions,” he said, adding that his organization’s research found that “one of the most powerful levers an individual can draw from is , supports the idea that it is about contributing to advocacy groups,” he added.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also attended the summit and endorsed the government’s announcement on Thursday to resume funding grassroots organizations that advocate and promote gender equality around the world.

Erin Kiley, director of international programming and development at Oxfam Canada, welcomed the Canadian government’s commitment to provide grassroots organizations with $195 million in unrestricted, multi-year funding over five years.

“This is especially important now that women’s rights and activists are being targeted,” she said.

On the challenge to access to abortion in the United States, Prime Minister Trudeau said advocates should not take access to reproductive health care for granted, men should participate more, and urged fathers to join their sons. urged me to speak.

“We’re having a difficult conversation right now about women’s rights, equality…” said Trudeau. “This is what men should do better.”


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