Gizmodo and Kotaku Staff Furious After Owner Announces Testing AI Content

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G/O Media is a leading online media company with publications such as Gizmodo, Kotaku, Quartz and Jezebel. [the Onion]and Deadspin have announced that they will begin “conservative testing” of AI content on their sites. email staffMeryl Brown, editorial director at G/O Media, argued that the news wasn’t surprising because “everyone in the media industry” is looking at AI.

The trial will involve “creating just a handful of stories for most sites that are basically built around lists and data,” Brown wrote. “These capabilities will not replace the work that writers and editors do today. If we can create these forms of content properly and produce them at scale, over time AI will We hope it will help you grow your audience through.”

Trade Unions Representing G/O Media and The Onion Staff issued a statement“We are appalled by this news. The hard work of journalists cannot be replaced by an unreliable AI program notorious for creating falsehoods and plagiarizing the work of genuine authors,” it wrote. there is Gizmodo and Kotaku staff in particular were outraged by the news. “AI content will not replace my work. It’s even more frustrating,” said Gizmodo journalist Lynn Codega. tweeted depending on the news. “AI in any form undermines our mission, demoralizes our reporters, and undermines our viewers’ trust.”

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