Genshin Impact’s Best Kirara Build

Sub Levels

Patch 3.7 Genshin Introducing another new character. Kirara is an amazingly strong Dendroshielder. But don’t forget the most important part. She can transform into a catmobile and glide over walls and cliffs with ease. That alone is worth adding her to your account!If you want to pull her Kirara and use it in yourself, Genshin If you just want to build a team or strengthen her for exploration, follow this building guide.

Best way to build Kirara Genshin

Kirara can get a shield stack that reduces HP and absorbs about the same amount of damage as the Zhongli shield. She also has some great team comps that leverage Dendro’s abilities. A guide to the best ones can be found here.

Kirara’s Elemental Burst isn’t that powerful, so you don’t need to build up a lot of Energy Recharge. Instead, you can use each spin to stack more HP for a bigger shield.

Artifacts and Statistics

Kirara has several different set options depending on the team. If she’s the only dendro-her character in the lineup, you’ll want to give her her 4-piece. Memories of Deepwood, This is perfect for most single Dendro users. If Kirara is on the Bloom or Hyperbloom team, having an Elemental Mastery bonus will give her a greater advantage, and there may be another character who can use Deep Woodset better.In this scenario it is best to use 4 pieces instructor set Gain a ton of Elemental Mastery, plus a team-wide Elemental Mastery buff.

Mirelis’ Tenacity Great for teams where attackers benefit from the offensive buffs the set provides. He’s also one of the best sets to maximize Kirara’s shield ability, making him an excellent choice for the likes of the Quicken team and his Aggravate team.

For artifact implied stats, Sans, Goblet, and Circlet HP% will be required unless you’re using the Sword of Fabonius. In that case, Critical Chance is a good choice for a circlet. For sub-stats, make sure he has at least 100-120% energy recharge, and if you’re using the Favonius Sword he’ll focus on HP%, HP, and critical rate.


Kirara’s strongest weapon is Sword of Fabonius Because it helps provide much-needed elemental recharge, not just for her, but for the entire team, for more reliable use of abilities. You’ll need to aim for the Critical Her Chance sub-stat to reliably trigger her passive abilities.

If you don’t have the Sword of Fabonius, sacrificial sword It’s a great backup option to help recharge your energy as well. Otherwise, sapwood blade is a craftable option that provides Kirara with energy recharge and some elemental mastery for characters interacting with leaves created by the weapon’s passive ability.

So much to build Kirara Genshin impact. She’s a good Dendroshielder, well designed, and performs much better than expected with an amazingly good kit. I wish her luck if she tries to make her wishes come true!

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