FP Canada™ launches first-ever end-to-end education program through FP Canada Institute™ and announces reimagined QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification

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New end-to-end programming equips QAFP® Professionals and CFP® The first technically and professionally educated professional from the FP Canada Institute, our renewed QAFP certification provides an accelerated path to financial planning success.

Toronto, April 19, 2023 /CNW/ – Today, FP Canada and FP Canada Institute are pleased to announce the launch of a new end-to-end educational program for aspiring Certified Associate Financial Planner™ Professionals and Certified Financial Planners.® Professionals with unrivaled professional and now technical training for the first time. Additionally, FP Canada is announcing his reimagined QAFP certification, which includes a new, streamlined path to certification that creates the clearest path to financial planning success.

Career Acceleration: Trusted End-to-End Excellence from FP Canada Institute

The FP Canada Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a unique new technical education for professional planners, featuring streamlined, direct and relevant course content created by professional planners. think.

By launching technical education and offering existing professional education, FP Canada Institute will provide aspiring financial planners with an end-to-end opportunity to receive an industry-leading education on their path to certification directly through FP Canada Institute It is now possible. end.

First program of its kind Canadaend-to-end education from the FP Canada Institute helps aspiring financial planners reach success faster through a single source of qualification.

“As a leading organization that spearheads the advancement of professional financial planning, Canada, is committed to making reliable, professional and qualified advice accessible to all Canadians. ” Tasia Batstone, President and CEO of FP Canada. “At the heart of this mission is to ensure that all QAFP and CFP professionals are equipped with the highest possible technical and professional skills. and are excited to announce this new chapter to support the Canadians they serve.”

“Given today’s rapidly evolving landscape, we are continually evaluating ways to better support aspiring financial planners on their journey to certification.” Alexandra McQueen, CFP, Vice President of Learning, Development, and Professional Practice for FP Canada. “We have heeded the industry call to provide a more direct and relevant education for financial planning professionals. Today’s end-to-end program launch will bring I am very excited to meet my needs.Innovative and best in class training.”

Reimagining the QAFP Certification for Today’s Professionals and Today’s Clients

In response to today’s accelerating pace of life, FP Canada is pleased to announce a reimagined QAFP certification. Designed for the modern professional who wants to serve their clients in building financial wellbeing, the QAFP certification gives professional financial planners the technical expertise to provide comprehensive financial planning advice. We provide both knowledge and professional skills.

To better support aspiring financial planning professionals on their path to QAFP certification, FP Canada has created a more accessible, holistic, and We are introducing a revised and streamlined certification path.

Under the new path, the FP Canada Institute’s QAFP professional education program has been revitalized with a greater emphasis on discovery, planning preparation and presentation. As part of the changes to the program, a live interactive client discovery component will be integrated into the final assessment within the course. Candidates for the QAFP certification must complete her QAFP professional education program before earning the credential. This is to ensure that you have mastered all the important professional and relationship-building skills that will prepare you for your career upon certification. Canadian certifications and other financial planning qualifications.

Additionally, the technical education requirements of the QAFP certification have been refined to better meet the financial planning needs of today’s wider Canadian population. The updated path to certification is valid for candidates writing her QAFP exam starting in May.June 2024.

The result is a more efficient path to QAFP certification. Certified individuals will be equipped with the skills necessary to help clients chart a path to financial wellness.

“Canadians are increasingly looking for holistic planning support and advice at the pace of life today, and aspiring financial planners are looking for professional help to efficiently acquire the necessary skills. We are looking for qualifications,” said Batstone. “Recognizing this, we will right-size the educational component, better integrate the important ethical and professional components, put a new focus on relationship building, and reduce the time required By doing so, we have realigned the existing path to QAFP accreditation, achieving success while maintaining the rigor for which our accreditation is known.”

Batstone added:

For more information on the FP Canada Institute offerings and the reimagined QAFP certification, please see the media background and visit the dedicated FP Canada microsite: Financialplanningprofessionals.ca.

About FP Canada

Founded in 1995, FP Canada is a not-for-profit education, certification and professional monitoring organization that works for the public good. FP Canada is dedicated to advocating for better financial wellness for all Canadians by leading the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada. Canada.

About FP Canada

A division of FP Canada, the FP Canada Institute is dedicated to advancing the practice of financial planning through education and practice support. Canada’s The most trusted partner in professional financial planning. Adapted to a rapidly changing world, the institute offers a new, direct, end-to-end learning path that integrates technical and professional skills education to support the QAFP certification and his CFP certification. and industry partners.
FP Canada Institute: Trusted. end to end. excellence.

Certified Associate Financial Planner

A qualified Associate Financial Planner credential validates a financial planner’s competence and commitment to high ethical standards, including putting the best interests of the client first. Our certifications show our professionals are capable of providing comprehensive financial advice at the speed of life today. QAFP professionals have proven knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to deliver financial planning strategies and solutions to clients who are in the process of building financial wellbeing. QAFP professionals are accredited by FP Canada, a national, non-profit professional association working for the public good. QAFP accreditation is also recognized by financial services regulators. Ontario (FSRA) as valid qualifications for individuals using the title of Financial Planner Ontario.

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