FP Canada™ Announces Changes to Higher Education Graduation Requirement for QAFP® Certification

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  • This change will make the financial planning profession more accessible to more potential planners.
  • This also reflects FP Canada’s commitment to helping more Canadians get financial advice.

Toronto, July 13, 2023 /CNW/ – FP Canada today announced significant changes to its Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ certification requirements. The change concerns a qualifying work experience and the need for post-secondary education in order to be certified.

effective April 2024, Individuals who do not have a two-year college diploma are also given the opportunity to pursue a QAFP certification if they meet certain criteria. That is, have five years of qualifying work experience, pass the QAFP exam, complete a QAFP professional education program, and complete either the FP Canada Institute™ Technical Education – Fundamentals or FP Canada-approved Core Her Curriculum Programs. is needed.

Historically, applicants for the QAFP credential were required to have a two-year college diploma and one year of qualifying work experience (in addition to passing the QAFP exam, meet the FP Canada educational requirements above). In contrast, upcoming changes will allow candidates with relevant significant work experience to obtain her QAFP certification without a diploma.

This change will make the financial planning profession more accessible to more potential planners and give Canadians more choice when choosing a professional to help them achieve their financial well-being. .

“Real-world experience is one of the keys to being a successful professional financial planner,” he says. Tasia Batstone, President and CEO of FP Canada. “For those who have demonstrated their ability to meet the demands of the profession, we are pleased to offer a new path to accreditation that allows seasoned professionals to continue helping Canadians build their economic health. .”

FP Canada recently introduced a reimagined QAFP certification designed for the modern professional looking to serve clients in building financial well-being. It features a revised and streamlined certification path that is holistic and better tailored to the specific educational needs of QAFP practitioners. The new certification is valid for candidates taking her QAFP exam beginning in May.June 2024. Together with the reimagined QAFP accreditation, this new change to QAFP accreditation requirements will enable FP Canada to remove unnecessary barriers to accreditation.

About QAFP Accreditation

The Certified Associate Financial Planner certification validates a financial planner’s competence and commitment to high ethical standards, including putting the best interests of the client first. Accreditation proves a professional’s ability to provide comprehensive financial advice at the pace of life today. QAFP professionals have proven knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to deliver financial planning strategies and solutions to clients building their financial health. QAFP professionals are accredited by FP Canada, a national non-profit professional agency working for the public good. QAFP accreditation is also recognized by financial services regulators. Ontario (FSRA) is used as valid credentials for individuals using the title of Financial Planner. Ontario.

About FP Canada

Founded in 1995, FP Canada is a national, non-profit education, certification and professional oversight organization that works for the public good. FP Canada is dedicated to helping improve the financial wellbeing of all Canadians by leading the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada. Canada.

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For more information: Media Contact: Megan Harman, FP Canada, [email protected]

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