Foundations Investment Advisors LLC Shows Strong Confidence in Fidelity National Information Service, Significantly Increases Investment

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On July 10, 2023, Foundations Investment Advisors LLC made headlines by revealing a significant increase in its stake in Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (NYSE:FIS). The high-profile investment firm increased its stock by a staggering 102.3% in the first quarter of this year, according to its latest disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In this significant move, Foundations Investment Advisors LLC acquired an additional 20,961 of his shares in Fidelity National Information Services. As a result, the Fund’s holdings in this information technology service provider reached a staggering value of $2,252,000 at the time of filing.

These developments demonstrate Foundations Investment Advisors LLC’s unwavering confidence in the future and growth potential of Fidelity National Information Services. A significant increase in investment indicates their belief that the company is poised for long-term success.

Fidelity National Information Services announced its quarterly results on Thursday, April 27, showing impressive results. During the period, the information technology service provider beat his forecast for earnings per share (EPS) of $1.29 for the quarter. That’s $0.09 per share above analyst consensus estimates and reflects the company’s financial strength.

Fidelity National Information Service delivered excellent earnings in the quarter in addition to exceeding earnings expectations. The company posted total revenue of $3.51 billion for him, compared to analyst estimates of $3.41 billion for him. This is certainly a remarkable achievement. These positive results represent 0.5% growth on a year-on-year basis.

Additionally, Fidelity National Information Services demonstrated its financial strength by delivering a positive return on equity (ROE) of 10.66%. This indicator shows how effectively management is using shareholders’ investments to generate profit for the organization.

It’s important to note that despite these encouraging numbers, Fidelity National Information Services faced some challenges during the quarter. The company reported his negative net profit of 114.79%. This shows that expenses significantly exceed revenues. Nonetheless, it’s important to view the numbers in the context of strong overall performance and earnings growth.

Looking ahead, equity research analysts expect Fidelity National Information Service to average earnings per share of $5.95 for the current fiscal year. The forecast reflects confidence that the company can maintain its upward trajectory.

In other news, Fidelity National Information Services also witnessed notable insider trading during this period. CFO Eric D. Hoag sold 3,451 shares of the company on Tuesday, June 20, for a total of $186,871.65. Following the transaction, Mr. Hoag now owns 19,887 direct shares in Fidelity National Information Services. This is a great stock worth about $1,076,881.05.

Additionally, Director Jeffrey A. Goldstein made a significant investment in the company by purchasing 958 shares at an average price of $57.24 per share on Monday, April 17. Following the acquisition, Mr. Goldstein now owns 5,404 shares of Fidelity National Information Services with an estimated value of $309,324.96.

These insider trading further underscore the confidence that key players within the organization demonstrate regarding their future prospects and growth potential.

It is worth noting that corporate insiders currently own approximately 0.68% of the shares of Fidelity National Information Service. This symbolizes their trust in the company and alignment with the interests of shareholders.

Overall, Foundations Investment Advisors LLC’s increased stake in Fidelity National Information Services demonstrates the company’s confidence in its long-term success and growth potential in the information technology services sector. Strong quarterly results and loyal support from key stakeholders keep Fidelity National Information Services well positioned to overcome challenges and achieve future milestones.

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Growing Confidence in Fidelity National Information Services Drives Investor Interest

Fidelity National Information Service (FIS), a leading provider of information technology services, has attracted the attention of several hedge funds and institutional investors in recent months. For example, Acadian Asset Management LLC posted a staggering 491.5% increase in its FIS stake in the first quarter of this year, demonstrating the company’s confidence in its potential.

Synovus Financial Corp also significantly increased its stake in FIS, adding 4,085 shares to its portfolio. Similarly, Prudential PLC won a new position in FIS worth approximately $1.17 million. These moves show that these financial institutions see FIS’s strong growth prospects and believe they will bring positive returns.

Baird Financial Group, another major player in the industry, increased its FIS holdings by 8.2% in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co posted his staggering growth rate of 83.3%. These institutional investors currently own 90.21% of FIS’s outstanding shares.

Fidelity National Information Service’s recent performance in the stock market reflects the positive investor sentiment towards the company. The stock opened at $59.27 on Monday, July 10, giving it a market capitalization of $35.11 billion. The price/earnings ratio is -2.10 and the P/E ratio is 0.94, suggesting solid growth potential.

Fidelity National Information Services has demonstrated both stability and resilience through volatile market conditions. Debt-to-equity ratio remained at a good level of 0.51, and current ratio and quick ratio both remained at 0.74. This indicates that we have sufficient liquidity to meet our short-term obligations.

Looking back at FIS performance over the past year, we can see that the stock has reached a low of $48.57 and a high of $105.16. FIS has rebounded and demonstrated its ability to deliver value to investors, even as the stock fell to $55.08 and $60.44 to the 50-day and 200-day simple moving averages, respectively.

In recent news, FIS Chief Financial Officer Eric D. Hoag sold 3,451 shares in the company on June 20 at an average price of $54.15 per share. The total transaction value was approximately $186,871.65. After the sale, Hogue directly owned 19,887 shares worth more than $1 million. The move suggests FIS insiders remain confident in the company’s prospects.

Additionally, Director Jeffrey A. Goldstein purchased 958 FIS shares on April 17 at an average price of $57.24 per share, underscoring his confidence in the company’s future growth potential.

Fidelity National Information Services recently paid its quarterly dividend on June 23rd. That was $0.52 per share for investors who were recorded as shareholders on June 9 (the ex-dividend date was June 8 for him). With a current annual payout ratio of -7.38%, FIS appears committed to returning profits to shareholders.

Several research analysts evaluated Fidelity National Information Service and issued recommendations based on an analysis of the company’s performance and growth prospects. began reporting on the FIS with a ‘Hold’ rating, but Mizuho raised its price target from $78 to $80.

Jefferies Financial Group lowered its price target from $65 to $60 in mid-March, but given developments since then, this may not accurately reflect FIS’s current market conditions.

Overall, the majority of analysts maintain their Buy or Hold rating on Fidelity National Information Service stock, indicating optimism and confidence in the company’s future prospects despite share price volatility. .

With increased institutional investment, positive analyst sentiment and a track record of resilience, Fidelity National Information Service is well positioned for growth in the information technology services industry. Investors may want to consider adding FIS to their portfolio to navigate market conditions and continue to deliver value to shareholders.

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