Former Sheriff Jimmy Ayers returns from retirement to run for election in County Amherst.


A former Amherst County sheriff is working on a new job.

On Thursday, Jimmy Ayers announced his decision to run again. Ayers said this is driven by a deep commitment to providing strong and effective leadership to the people of Amherst County.

Mr. Ayers aims to apply his extensive experience to the challenges facing the community.

A former Amherst County sheriff, Ayers retired in 2015 after a career spanning decades and was quickly elected District 3 supervisor on the Amherst County Board of Supervisors.

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Expressing a deep-seated belief in the power of strong leadership, Ayers said, “Amherst County deserves a leader who understands the unique challenges we face today and is dedicated to addressing them head-on. My experience and unwavering dedication to public service make me the ideal candidate to lead our community to a safer and brighter future.”

Ayers emphasizes promoting trust, transparency, and accountability; adopting community-oriented policing; prioritizing effective crime prevention strategies; He said he envisions a fully integrated Amherst County Sheriff’s Office.

By building strong bridges between law enforcement and the community, Mr. Ayres aims to create an environment where security and justice thrive hand in hand, and will use his authority to ensure successful cooperation. He said there is a particular focus on working with an effective federal judicial office that can enforce the law. bring criminals to justice.

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Ayers was joined by federal prosecutor candidate Rich Gilman, who said in a speech to the Republican nominating committee that he was the right person for the job.

“This election will give our community the chance to vote for a federal attorney who will do more to do what is needed to ensure the welfare of Amherst County. Someone who works in sync with myself and the entire office on how to bring it,” Ayers said.

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