First Trust Advisors LP Increases Investment in CNX Resources Co. Despite Growing Interest in Renewable Energy

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As our world continues to rely on non-renewable energy sources such as oil and gas, companies in this sector remain a platform of investment opportunities for financial institutions. His one such firm, CNX Resources Co. (NYSE: CNX), recently came to the attention of First Trust Advisors LP, a leading investment firm with a history of managing significant assets.

In its latest disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission, First Trust Advisors LP announced that it increased its stake in CNX Resource by 22.9% during the fourth quarter. As a result of these actions, the company now owns 1,244,529 shares in oil and gas producers. This is a staggering number considering the competitive nature of today’s market.

It’s also worth noting that the move by First Trust Advisors LP comes at a time of high investor interest in the energy sector following years of austerity policies and declining earnings.

Despite the trend toward renewable energy such as wind and solar (which many believe will eventually replace oil and gas), financial institutions such as First Trust Advisors LP continue to see value in investing in traditional forms of energy production.

Looking specifically at CNX Resources, it is interesting to note that the company continues to perform well despite increasingly stringent regulations aimed at limiting its carbon emissions. This can be attributed to the use of advanced techniques to extract natural resources while reducing environmental impact.

The fact that First Trust Advisors LP currently owns 0.69% of CNX Resources was valued at $20,958,000 at the end of the reporting period and represents their position on both the current and future potential of this particular investment. It speaks confidently.

The data shows that companies like First Trust Advisors LP are in the near term because companies operating in this space are making higher profits each year despite external pressure from climate advocates, governments and others. It seems clear that the company will continue to seek lucrative opportunities in the oil and gas production sector. future.


Updated: 2023/05/22

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Institutional investors increase stake in CNX Resources Corp: Analyst opinion

The world of investing can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with it. The amount of jargon, price volatility, and ever-changing market dynamics can all seem overwhelming to a beginner. One of his companies that has recently caught the attention of multiple investors is CNX Resources Corp. The oil and gas producer may not be a household name, but its recent performance has been noteworthy, attracting significant investment from various major shareholders.

One such investor is Ronald Blue Trust Inc., which increased its stake in CNX Resources by 219.9% ​​in the fourth quarter of last year. An additional 1,755 shares were purchased during this period, bringing the company’s current holdings to 2,553 shares, worth $40,000. Similarly, IFP Advisors Inc increased his position in CNX Resources by 119.2% in the third quarter and now owns 2,889 shares worth $52,000.

Allspring Global Investment Holdings LLC also increased its stake by 29.5% in the fourth quarter, acquiring an additional 727 shares and now owning 3,190 shares valued at $54,000. Meanwhile, Rockefeller Capital Management LP increased his position in CNX Resources by 89% during the third quarter and now holds 6,322 of his shares worth $97,000.

Captrust Financial Advisors increased its shares by more than 12% in the second quarter, owning approximately 10,000 shares worth $161,000.

All of these institutional investors collectively own approximately 93.66% of CNX Resources’ shares, according to a report on May 22 this year.

But what do analysts say about oil and gas producers in the region? According to a research report recently released Thursday by Piper Sandler, Stevens, Monday, April 24., Thursday, May. Among other things, Trust Financial on Tuesday, April 11th. Average Rating is Hold, Average Target Price is $20.50.

Before investing in CNX Resources, potential investors should do their homework and research all available information about this oil and gas producer. Recent investments by institutional investors may be a silver lining, but they are not necessarily a guarantee of future success. Before making any significant investment in CNX Resources or any other company, it is important to weigh all potential risks.

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