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WEIRTON — One of the city’s fire stations may undergo restoration work, but it’s not yet known when.

On Thursday, a resolution was submitted to the Weirton Finance Committee for consideration, proposing to allocate $150,000 to the American Rescue Plans Act Fund. “To start the renovation of the old county road fire station.” The resolution is sponsored by First District Councilman Tim Connell.

The proposal did not receive a recommendation from the commission on Thursday, but will be submitted to the entire city council at its meeting Monday night.

“I agree it’s necessary, but I don’t know if it’s the right time.” Enzo Fracasso, councilor of the 6th district, said:

Treasurer Diana Smolyanovic said the city still has just over $2 million in its ARPA allocation, but those funds are set aside for the time being as officials await estimates for the proposed renovation of Weirton City Hall. explained that it is

Last September, the city signed a deal with Thrasher Group to review city buildings and develop a renovation plan focused on more efficient use of space within buildings, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security and accessibility. bottom.

7th District Councilman Terry Weigel also agreed that the project would be needed at some point.

“This is definitely something that deserves our attention.” But he noted that the city council is also discussing focusing on various improvements to the city’s recreational facilities.

The proposed project for Marland Heights Park alone is estimated at between $1.5 million and $2 million, Weigel recalled.

Fire Chief Kevin Himmellich explained that he was unaware of the proposal until he was contacted by city official Kimberly Long, who said the fire station would need to be refurbished at some point.

“If you’re going to man the station, you’ll have to do it.” Himmellich said.

Mr. Himmellich had previously recommended hiring more firefighters, including placing firefighters on county roads, in anticipation of economic growth in the north end of the city.

Himmellich said one project that could be solved was the need for air conditioning in buildings, explaining that the lack of such a system is why the station is no longer used as a polling place for local elections. bottom.

Although the station is not staffed full-time, it is still used by the agency.

“It’s still used every day. That’s our training center.” He said.

This station is also used as storage for some vehicles, equipment and other materials.

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