Financial Times 2023 Masters in Finance Ranking: France in Top Group


On June 11, the Financial Times (FT) published its annual ‘2023 Finance Master’s Program Pre-Experience’ rankings. In the global ranking of financial programs, irrespective of work experience, France is honored again, with five in the top 10, four of them at the top. A total of 8 French schools (out of 55 ranked) are included in the ranking.

The 12th edition is MSc in Finance The ranking is based on the Financial Times, the UK’s leading economic and financial newspaper.Pre-experience programs for those with little or no relevant work experienceFT explains in its methodology section that the ranking is based on t.Two types or different studies: the first is for business schools82 (but only 55 ranked) approved by , AACSB or Equis. The second survey is aimed at graduates Those who completed their studies three years ago (those who graduated in 2020): A total of 2,294 graduates participated in the survey, with an overall response rate of 36%.

5 of the first 10 are French business schools

The new ranking is ranked again France is near the top this year. Five business and management schools ranked in top 10 of French international school.

of top 10 It actually includes:

  • First step on the rostrum: The ESCP Business School is a Parisian Higher School of Business Studies, founded in 1819 and considered to be “.The oldest business and management school in the world”.
  • In second place, HEC ParisHigher School of Management in Paris, a leading business and management school founded in 1881.
  • in third place, Essec Business Schoola leading French business school founded in 1907.
  • 4th place, SKEMA Business Schoolwas founded in 2009 through the merger of the Higher Commercial School of Lille and the CERAM Business School of Sophia Antipolis.
  • and EDHEC Business SchoolIn 9th place is a leading business school founded in Lille in 1906, with campuses in Paris and Nice as well.

Three more schools in the top 50

Five schools are ranked in the top 10. A further three schools ranked between 10th and 35th, with a total of 8 French schools making it out of the 55..

A little further down the rankings are the following:

  • Emrion Business School17th place.
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management19th place.
  • Rennes School of Management35th place.

Dual methodology with precise standards

of two surveys form the basis of financial times The ranking is first based on the following criteria for students: professional integration Immediately after leaving school (after 3 months), Salary 3 years of professional experience, salary increases, and the nature of the stand hold.
As for the school itself, we consider: academic standards programs that can be taught number of women Regarding faculty and staff, number of professors, Percentage of international students, Languages ​​taughtThe presence of laboratory and the PhD students.

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