Finance Committee Approves Providence’s 2024 Budget of $583 Million


This is a photo of Providence City Hall. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (WLNE) — The Providence City Council Finance Committee approved the city’s proposed budget of $583 million for fiscal 2024.

City council members unanimously approved the budget, 3-0.

Officials said the proposal would amend residential and commercial property tax rates, help homeowners and give Mayor Brett Smiley a strong pilot focused on improving the quality of life for city dwellers. They are asking to negotiate a deal.

“This budget balances Providence’s financial challenges with the economic and quality of life concerns of its residents,” said Council President Rachel Miller.

“City council members listened to voters, many of whom had been hit by tax increases from last year’s property revaluation. The savings come,” Miller continued.

Miller went on to thank his colleague, Rep. Helen Anthony, who was run over by a van in California, for her constant attention in the budget process.

The Finance Committee and other members of the City Council have reviewed the budget in more than 11 meetings totaling more than 20 hours.

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