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Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad welcomed the outpouring of dialogue and sentiment after announcing the state budget for 2023-2024 on Friday.

While elements of the budget have been well received by the public, other aspects have come under heavy scrutiny from critics.

Professor Prasad said in an interview yesterday that he welcomes the discussion.

He also called on opposition lawmakers to participate in the process.

“As I said in my address to parliament, the permanent secretary and staff of the Ministry of Finance are willing to provide details to opposition lawmakers and familiarize them with the provisions of the budget,” said Professor Prasad.

“We expect more constructive contributions from the opposition. Clearly, the opposition understands this budget and the mess that some of those currently sitting in the opposition have tasked us with cleaning up. You will be in a better position to understand.

“We hope that they will join us in supporting this budget to ensure that we are able to address some of the remaining issues as a government.”

He also said he understands that some people are “never satisfied.”

“We will listen to everyone, read and try to understand them, and will gladly consider any good and justified criticism of our measures.

“So we don’t just throw criticism in the dust just because we are critical of the budget. We welcome some of those criticisms and we try to understand and respond to them.”

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