Fans urge Paul Felder to retire due to blockbuster clash


Former UFC lightweight contender Paul Felder has not set foot in the octagon since losing to Rafael dos Anjos in November 2020.

But after his comments provoked an angry reaction from lightweight Bobby Greene this weekend, the ‘Irish Dragon’ seems to be contemplating a different return to action.

Green’s fight with Jared Gordon was declared a no-contest after two accidental head collisions.

Green was clearly outraged by the way Felder had commented on the situation, MMA Hourseemingly intimidating him.

“When we meet each other, you know what time it is too. When I see him, I’m going to exchange words… I’ll wait until we meet each other face to face.” When he knows what time it is, too, it’s like, brother, stop that emotional bullshit.He was there and said, “Come on!”I said, brother, now brother, do your fucking work and I heard him say it [the UFC] I told him to calm down… he was too emotional. Do your fucking job.

Since then, Felder seems to have fought back, albeit coldly, on Twitter.

“Look forward to the king.”

So could Paul Felder and Bobby Green meet in the octagon in the future? Considering Felder hasn’t fought in over two years, it seems unlikely.

That hasn’t stopped fans from talking about it on Twitter.

Check out some of the best reactions below.

@Felder Paul I need to come out of retirement completely for this pole…we all have your back..let’s fly the dragon one last time ☘️
@Felder Paul If there ever was a battle that would come back, this is it.
@Felder Paul A comeback fight with Bobby?you got this polly
@Felder Paul Felder announced his retirement after one more match. And this time… it’s personal.
@Felder Paul I won’t be upset to see you retire to spend a night of Bobby’s night

Why did Paul Felder retire from MMA?

Paul Felder hasn’t fought since losing to Rafael dos Anjos in November 2020. The match itself was a short comeback for Dunn after he first hung up his gloves after losing to Hooker.

The “Irish Dragon” officially announced his retirement a short time later, but he did discuss it during the May 2021 telecast of UFC Fight Night: Rob Font vs. Cody Garbrandt.

“As you know, it really hasn’t been since February that I fought Dan Hooker in New Zealand…when I fought the RDA at five days’ notice, the fire came back a little bit. I thought I was back, and spent most of my days swimming, biking, running, enjoying commentary, and enjoying family time.”

See his announcement below.

It’s definitely not wise to make another comeback at 38. But Paul Felder’s octagonal record of 9-6 should probably be a source of pride for him, including victories over Charles his Oliveira and Edson his Barbosa.

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