Edward Jones study shows how older people improve their lives long after retirement

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As with any stage of life, retirement requires a certain amount of improvisation. Having a plan is important, but so is the ability to tweak or change objectives as needed. Fortunately, new research shows that most retirees are up for the challenge.

a A recent study by Edward JonesSt. Louis-based financial services giant The majority of retirees in the United States and Canada are willing to make significant changes, or “course corrections,” to improve their lives, both before and during retirement. I discovered that

Cooperating with a research company age wave, The company surveyed 7,034 retirees across North America. Of respondents, 93% agreed that “flexibility and willingness to adapt” were key factors for a successful retirement.

Lena Haas, Head of Wealth Management Advice at Edward Jones, said, “The overwhelming finding was … that the biggest thing is really not a particular choice, but rather our mindset that we are willing to adjust. It meant that it was,” he said. “We don’t see retirement as a very static image of ‘I’ll retire next year and live in the perfect lakeside house,’ but rather that things happen and we adapt and take action,” she said. is.”

Specifically, the study categorized these adaptations into four categories: health, economics, family, and purpose. In each category, the majority of retirees were willing to make a change. Eighty-eight percent were positive about their health, 96% about their finances, 85% about their family life, and a further 85% about their lives. the purpose.

To make these changes, many retirees turned to asset managers for help. Twenty-seven percent of his retiree respondents said they worked with a financial advisor and said the arrangement had significantly boosted their confidence, and 94% of him in that cohort said they were more comfortable with their financial changes after retirement. I feel like I can handle it.

Many financial planners have seen and encouraged such course corrections.

“Change is important because life changes,” says certified financial planner Nicolas Bunio. Retirement Advisor Located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. “People move, get sick, run out of money, get stuck with sudden bills. Life happens unexpectedly.”

Here are four ways retirees are adjusting to life and improving their lives in the process.

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