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dear care and feeding,

Our twins are 3 years old. Our local public schools are average. Our school ranks 350th out of literally 700 elementary schools in the state. We know some kids who had great experiences there and others who didn’t. If we stay where we are now and send our kids to this school, we can retire early from the stressful jobs we hate (quite early, 10 years early). , move to the best school district 20 minutes away (doubling housing costs) or choose a private school ($50,000 minimum per year). Neither of these options will allow you to retire early, but they will provide your children with a top-notch educational experience and an easier path to college.My spouse and I are on opposite sides. , literally unable to understand each other’s point of view at all, and every argument turns into a quarrel. How can we talk about this? what would you do?

— their education or our retirement

Dear them/our,

First, I don’t think it’s very helpful to frame decisions this way. again your child’s education again What is your future financial health?Instead, why not think about both educations and Your retirement as a family need, are both important? Why rank them in power or try to put your needs in direct conflict with your children’s needs? I don’t think you can make it any easier.

Sorry if I’m pointing out something you already know, but the notoriously flawed school grading system can’t really predict what a particular child will be. The school may have many great teachers who can help them learn and succeed.”

I also want to point out that your twins are still three. Instead, I’d like them to start at your local primary school and give them some time to see what you think of the education they’re getting there. Unless you don’t want to move for no good reason, I would say this without the cost or early retirement issues. No need to. And unless your child has already done calculus or something, no matter what school they go to, you can’t really know their academic potential or interests at this age. (got it, many) As for college, let me actually start kindergarten (2 years from now!!) and go from there.


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