Delhi LG reviews work at High Level Commission on Yamuna Rejuvenation

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The 4th meeting of the High Level Commission (HLC) on Restoration of the Yamuna River, constituted by the NGT, was held on Friday, with Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena of Delhi, who is also chairman of the HLC, reviewing the progress of the work. . Action Take Reports (ATR) on instructions issued under eight specific heads targeting specific targets, according to the official press release. These include (i) 100% treatment of sewage, (ii) trapping of all drains, (iii) construction of sewage networks in unlicensed colonies and JJ clusters, (iv) industrial wastewater management by CETP, ( v) septic tank management, including (vi); ) restoration and revitalization of the Yamuna floodplain; (vii) utilization of treated wastewater; (viii) The Environmental Management Plan of Najafgarh Jheel stated the release.

First, LG said that all work was on schedule despite floodplain remediation, drain pipe trapping, sewer desludging, STP/DSTP construction, and other works on schedule. emphasized that it is essential that In Mission Mode, the goal is to specifically improve river pollution levels by June 30, 2023. There have been reports that the BoD levels in the drain have been consistently declining since the Najafgarh Drain cleaning operations began. The same was reflected in his BoD level for the ISBT’s Yamuna river after the Najafgarh drainage confluence with the river. However, LG stressed that levels fluctuate from month to month and that the same level should be stabilized and lowered further.

For 100% treatment of sewage, the city produced 768 MGD, but only 75.5% (580 MGD) of it was treated. HLC is overseeing the process to ensure treatment of 727 MGD (95%) of sewage by June 2023, total treatment of 814 MGD by December 2023 and 964.5 MGD by June 2024. Aims to achieve competence. Construction of 3 new STPs at Okhla, Delhi Gate and Sonia Vihar, construction of 40 new DSTPs in various locations, rehabilitation of 03 existing STPs and upgrades of 18 existing STPs are monitored by HLC. In this regard, the allocation of land for this purpose had been pending for the past 08 years, but was completed in the last 01 months due to LG’s active intervention.

Since the HLC began monitoring work, 102 unlicensed colonial sewer networks will have been installed by March, and another 161 colonies will have sewers installed by June 2023. Similarly, 71 and 239 colonies will have sewer networks by September and December 2023, respectively. Of a total of 1,799 disallowed colonies, 1,320 are scheduled to have sewer networks in place by December this year, and work is underway on his DSTP in 318 colonies. Similarly, 81 JJ clusters where sewerage is not possible will have prefabricated His DSTPs installed by June 2023 with the support of the National Mission to Clean the Ganges (NMCG). It is planned, the press release added. Serious concerns were expressed regarding sludge management and it was informed that 180 registered vehicles carrying sludge would be monitored by specialized agencies through GPS tracking to ensure collection and disposal in accordance with the 2018 Sludge Regulations. I was.

The Yamuna Floodplain restoration and revitalization work is progressing rapidly with 10 projects in various locations, with desirable results reported at Baan Sera, Ashita East and Amrit Biodiversity Park. Work was underway at Asita West, Kalindi Bio-diversity Park, Mayur Nature Park, Yamuna Vanasthali and others. The same work was expected to be completed within the prescribed timeline. As far as the use of treated wastewater is concerned, a total of 580 MGD of fully treated sewage is generated within the city, 267 MGD is forced back into the Yamuna River and 90 MGD is used for: has been notified. Horticultural purposes and 100 MGD were suggested to be used for his tertiary treatment at Palla and Coronation Pillar. This left 123 MGD of untapped treated water that HLC had previously decided to use to fill the water bodies of Najafgarh Lake, Smriti Van Lake and NTPC Eco Park. In this regard, work is being done at the 03 site, which was due to be completed by April, June and August 2023 respectively. LG has issued instructions to prepare a utilization plan for his 800 MGD treated water.

We were informed that we are targeting the removal of 90.34 km of main/peripheral sewers by June 2023. 32.58 kilometers have already been completed and the rest will be fully completed by the end of June as the monsoon begins. LG directed the remaining 530 km. As mentioned in the press release, a sewer system due to be completed by the end of this year (45 Km above 1 meter in diameter and 485 Km below 1 meter in diameter). LG informed that of the 44 major sub-drains falling into Najafgarh drains identified for trapping, 17 have already been trapped and the rest he expects to be trapped by October 2023. it was done. The remaining drains are scheduled to be closed by October 2023. (ANI)

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