DC Srinagar will review action plans for reclamation and greening of exposed hillsides, IEC activities and roadside plantations under NCAP.

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A meeting of the District Level Implementation Committee on the National Clean Air Program (NCAP) was held today under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar in the meeting hall here at the DC Office Complex to consider action plans for regeneration and greening. Did. of hills, IEC activities and roadside plantings under NCAP.

In addition, Rafi Ahmad Bhat, Regional Director of Pollution Control Board, Kashmir, Mohammad Yassine Loan, Chief Planning Officer, SDA Secretary, DFO Urban Chief Agriculture Officer, Chief Sanitation Officer, DFO City Forrest, Executive Engineer R&B, District Flower Officer, District Officer Pollution Control Committee, and other engineers and officers from SMC, FCS&CA, RTO, Traffic Police.

First, the Vice-Chairman reviewed the action plan proposed by the subcommittee constituted for reclamation and greening of exposed hill slopes, IEC activities, and roadside afforestation under NCAP in Srinagar district. .

On this occasion, a naive discussion was held on an action plan proposed by concerned departments in Srinagar aimed at reducing PM10 levels by 2025 in order to improve the district’s air quality index.

While considering an action plan for hill reclamation and greening, the Deputy Commissioner noted that areas developed by plantations and green areas would have a visible impact, particularly in areas affected by stone quarries/mining and barren patches. I was informed that three spots have been identified by the commission on the mountains.

DC has also been notified of Rs 2.5 crore DPR to build fountains along the Sakidafar-Ali Masjid road axis under NCAP to reduce air pollution in the area.

Similarly, with respect to roadside plantations under NCAP, DC has assigned the Executive Engineer Landscape Division to develop plantations/green areas at the central fringes along the city’s key intersections, including the Pandrasen-Aswajan and Pantachoke-Rajan axes. I have asked you to prepare a comprehensive DPR to undertake the

During the meeting, a detailed discussion was also held on IEC-related action plans under NCAP, as well as achieving a better air quality index in the coming years.

At that time, the Deputy Director will actively work on formulating an action plan for land reclamation and greening of hills under NCAP, IEC activities, and roadside afforestation, and will submit the plan by April 29, 2023 (Saturday). , requested all line departments. Processes and other steps start earliest.

DC encouraged officers to give extra impetus to all parameters of NCAP, including IEC activities, and launched a massive awareness campaign to sensitize people to the negative effects of air pollution and effective actions. In addition to ensuring that the public is actively engaged in Plan for air pollution control and mitigation.

DC also directed the effective functioning of sub-committees to ensure better implementation and oversight of the various components under NCAP.

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