Dana White ‘angry’ after Clay Guida faked retirement at UFC Kansas City


Dana White ‘angry’ after Clay Guida faked retirement at UFC Kansas City

When a fighter takes off their gloves after a match, it usually means that the fighter is about to announce his retirement.

After Clay Guida lost a unilateral decision to Rafa Garcia to kick off UFC Kansas City’s main card over the weekend, the “carpenter” took off his gloves and stayed inside the octagon.Former 2 of the division. Champion-turned-commentator Daniel Cormier approached Guida in hopes of hearing him say he was retiring. That’s not what happened.

“I cheated you guys,” Guida said. “I can’t leave just yet. I want to congratulate this young man, Rafa Garcia, and I want Rafa Garcia to change his gloves because he did a great job.”

Guida then delivered several happy birthday messages, including one for her mother. The stunt angered UFC president Dana White.

“It actually pissed me off, to be honest,” White said at the event’s post-match press conference.

“It pissed me off. [Clay Guida], he’s a nice guy, but is he pretending to be retired so he can wish someone a happy birthday? “

“We’re doing a live event here. You know what I mean?” White said. “I wasn’t happy about it. He was saying happy birthday to someone or something. It wasn’t good.”

Clay Guida tricked everyone into thinking he was retired

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