Coors Light Beer Offers Luxurious Retirement Vacation


Coors Light Beer Offers Luxurious Retirement Leave

(Courtesy of Coors Light)

Well, it’s not forever, but nothing in it. But it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the Golden Age perks early on in a swanky Arizona villa with unlimited beer.

Here’s the deal…

At a time when 75% of Americans aren’t sure they’ll be saving enough for retirement, Coors Light will help some of the lucky winners retire at least temporarily this summer. deaf. At the spacious Coors Light Temporary Retirement Villa in Arizona, you and your friends will feel instantly retired in this modern home complete with classic furnishings such as bridge sets and Coors Light crochet paintings. you can be (yes!)

Coors Light does not believe that retirement benefits are only for people over the age of 65. Americans whose legal drinking age is younger don’t want to wait decades to start living life to the fullest. They want to enjoy their lifestyle now.

In fact, the post-retirement lifestyle is all the rage, with the “coastal granny chic” style going from “grandfluencer” (yes, that’s what it is) in popularity.

Coors Light Beer Offers Luxurious Retirement Leave

(Courtesy of Coors Light)

So this summer, Coors Light invites beer lovers to engage in retirement thinking with a unique vacation experience that brings the year of sunset style to Summer 2023. The Coors Lite Temporary Retirement Villa Experience is an all-out-of-pocket vacation. Relax with five friends in your gorgeous Arizona home and unwind while enjoying all the best parts of the Golden Age.

  • Upscale home featuring super grandma-chic décor, including a crocheted Coors Light sign
  • unlimited pool time
  • A leisurely (but optional) social schedule packed with fun activities such as golf, water aerobics, yoga, and bingo.
  • Iconic retirement match from shuffleboard to bridge
  • Plus, don’t forget to join early bird discounts and unlimited Coors Lights.

Enjoy a variety of scheduled social activities each day, including golf, bingo, and arts and crafts. Also, with private transportation, you can get anywhere you want (as if you need to go somewhere other than the swimming pool), just make sure you chill.

Coors Light Beer Offers Luxurious Retirement Leave

(Courtesy of Coors Light)

“Retirement is a state of mind and we believe the refreshing Coors Light is the perfect fit,” said Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. “Summer is a great time to relax. So embrace your retirement mindset and relax like you’re retired, even if it’s only temporary.”

Those who want to ‘retire’ can go here starting June 22nd and win a stay at Coors Light Retirement.

For those who can’t fully enjoy the Coors Light temporary retirement lifestyle, share your vacation plans this summer by uploading photos to Coors Light serves beer and lets you enjoy beer. Try Coors Light Retirement Refresh this summer, even if it’s just for a short time.

Pascoa added, “For those who can’t find the time to escape from their busy lives, we want to give Coors Light a chance to unwind this summer.”


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