Concerned as epilepsy, cases of mental illness rise in Kayunga

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Health activists and medical personnel in Kayunga District are concerned about the rising number of cases of epilepsy and other mental illnesses.

Sirag Waiswa, a psychiatric clinician at a referral hospital in the Kayunga area, revealed on Wednesday that cases of mental illness, especially epilepsy, have reached alarming levels, sparking an “urgent” mass public outcry. called for work.

Waiswa said they see an average of 40 epilepsy cases a day at the hospital, while they enroll about 50 cases a month for other psychiatric conditions, such as depression and anxiety disorders. clarified.

Noting that the main causes of epilepsy and other mental illnesses are genetic factors, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, poor diet, and stress, Waiswa said most patients do not. Considering that, the trend has not changed yet.I want to receive treatment at a medical institution.

“Ninety-five percent of mentally ill patients seek treatment from a witch doctor, and some only go to medical facilities when treatment fails or they run out of money to pay traditional healers,” he explained. bottom.

Since then, the Precious Kids Foundation, a local non-governmental organization, has launched a large-scale program to raise public awareness of issues related to mental health.

The NGO’s executive director, Precious Namazzi, said the impact of Covid-19, economic constraints and domestic violence have caused a lot of stress in many communities, leading to mental illness.

To avoid premature deaths of local residents due to lack of medical expenses for treatable diseases, Namazi said a free medical camp was held at Wabwoko Health Center III in Kitimbwa District. diagnosis and treatment.

“Our plan is to run free medical camps every three months, and many people die prematurely, so we want to expand this service to districts and other sub-counties of the country.” she said.

Cultural beliefs are responsible for the rising number of cases of mental illness, Waisuwa said, adding that he is using village health team members to sensitize the public to mental illness.

A recent study found that 14 million Ugandans suffer from mental health problems.

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