CM launches ‘Purna Tidal Regulating Dam Project’ at a cost of INR 110 crore

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CM launches ‘Purna Tidal Regulating Dam Project’ at a cost of INR 110 crore

CM will open a 100-bed sub-district hospital to be built in Chikri at a cost of Rs 3.6 crore.

Prime Minister Launches Various Projects Worth INR 195 Million

Launch of INR 10 crore sports complex at Abrama, Jalalpore taluka

Inauguration of newly constructed high-rise bridge at a cost of Rs 3.9 crore on the site of Dubau Bridge over Ambika River

Prime Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel:-

  • Purna River in Navsari district to become ‘touchstone of development’
  • Jal Shakti equals Yang Shakti
  • Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi laid the foundation for the development of Gujarat based on Panchashakti and the state has benefited from it.
  • Realize the vision of ‘Developed India’ through ‘Atmanirbar and Developed Gujarat’.
  • A model water system was created to solve the problems of drinking, domestic and irrigation water.
  • People in Navsari and 21 surrounding villages will have access to drinking water.Irrigation water will be available on 4200 acres of land
  • The Purna Regulator Project will create an 18km reservoir. 2550 hundred thousand cubic feet of fresh water stored


Prime Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has initiated the Purna Tidal Regulating Dam Project at a cost of INR 110 crore on the Purna River in Kasbapar, Navsari District, South Gujarat. He also groundbreaking ceremonies for various development projects.

The Prime Minister unveiled the electronic nameplate of ‘Purna Tidal Regulator Scheme’ and performed Bhumi Pujan at the project site. CM opened his 100-bed sub-district hospital in Chihuli at a cost of Rs. 3.6 crore and a sports complex to be built by the Gujarat State Department of Sports at Abramah, Jalalpore Thaluka at a cost of 10 crore, along with a bridge over the Ambika River near Damdacha, Gandevi Amarsad Marg. Newly built high level bridge at a cost of Rs. 39 Krone was also launched at this location.

In his speech, CM said: People are benefiting from it today. Gujarat is at the forefront of the development of ‘water, energy, knowledge, defense and people’ (Jan Shakti). A dedicated water supply system was created within the state to provide sufficient drinking, domestic and irrigation water in a hassle-free manner.

The Prime Minister further said that Chekdam, Sakdam (Bahoriband), Sujaram Sfaram Yojana, Sauni Yojana, irrigation schemes and a series of other multi-purpose schemes, canals and pipeline networks have raised water levels in Gujarat. rice field.

The Prime Minister expressed his delight at the economic benefits of the Purna Regulator Project to the people of Navsari City and 21 surrounding villages, which will build a huge 18 km long reservoir that will store 255 million cubic feet of fresh water. said to make Additionally, his 4,200 acres of land in 21 villages benefit from irrigation. It stops seawater from flowing into rivers and prevents salinization of surface and groundwater. This helps prevent the loss of arable and fertile land.

Calling water the foundation of development, the prime minister said the government’s goal is to raise groundwater levels, including reservoirs, so that people do not have to face problems with drinking and irrigating water. The Vagrek Tidal Adjustment Project on the Kaveri River near Bilimora is nearing completion. We are inspired by the Prime Minister’s approach to starting development work on time. The Vaghrech Tidal Project is proof of the same.

Minister of Water Resources and Water Supply Kunwaljibhai Bavaria said: However, rising sea salinity is causing freshwater and irrigation problems. This government is dedicated to preventing sea salinity in the city of Navsari and its surrounding coastal villages. “

Shri CR Patil, BJP President and Member of Parliament for Navsari State, said: The construction of this dam will provide clean drinking water to villages in his 18 km area. “

Patil added: This will open up new directions for development and create new employment opportunities for young people in Navsari. “

Minister of Forest and Environment Shri Mukeshbhai Patel, District Panchayat President Shri Bhikhubhai Ahir, MLAs Shri Rakeshbhai Desai, Shri Nareshbhai Patel, District Collector Shri Amit Prakash Yadav, District Development Officer Smt. Pushparta, officials and citizens attended the event.

Source: Gujarat Information Department

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