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Clover Park School District announcement.

First graders in Amanda Daly’s class pronounce the word “cat-er-pillar” on the whiteboard and then talk to their partner about its meaning. They move on to the next words “but-ter-fly” and “pu-pa”.

Students not only see words and learn their definitions, but also how different sounds combine to form a whole. This is a perfect example of CPSD’s focus on understanding the science of the brain and helping students learn to read.

Last year, the district began using a new specialized study course called Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) to help teachers develop the skills and knowledge to teach reading and spelling more effectively. LETRS is based on the latest research and best practices in reading instruction and cutting-edge literacy education. Developed by educators and literacy experts, it consists of a series of workshops that give teachers a comprehensive understanding of the science of reading, which in turn improves students’ vocabulary, comprehension, writing skills, and more. explain how it can help

CPSD is one of three districts in the state that have selected LETRS as their primary literacy training course.

“Recent research shows that when we read a book, we look at every letter in every word, contrary to what was previously believed.” We have shifted our teaching to a more direct emphasis on how sound can help students better understand the basis of how things fit together.”

The district currently has 63 teachers participating in the LETRS training program, with a total of over 50 hours of training included per participant. Early results have proven promising, partly because her third grade reading rate at grade level in 2020-21 increased from her 41% last year to her 66%. may have contributed.

LETRS is redefining how CPSD teaches reading, but it’s not the only way we focus on improving reading rates for beginning learners.

reach for the stars

Helping students grow starts with understanding where they are starting at any given point in time. Annual standardized tests such as the Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA) provide some of that information, but are offered later in the school year and only give a snapshot of a student’s learning level at the time the test is taken. present.

To truly understand student progress, we need to monitor student skills and track student progress more frequently than SBA can provide. CPSD utilizes the Star Assessment suite to assess student learning on a more regular basis.

Star Assessment is quick and easy to administer, allowing students to complete the test in about 30 minutes. The data obtained provides teachers with:[1]Date information on how students understand the classroom lessons and ways to improve from their current level.

Freckle, a classroom learning app, works directly with Star Assessment data to automatically deliver lessons based on what students already know. Teachers can also use her Star Assessment results to group students with similar learning levels and assign them tasks that help them learn and grow more effectively.

CPSD Director of Assessment Brian Gabele said: “By having a better understanding of where students are at any given moment, we can better prepare them for success.”

Teachers and schools aren’t the only ones who can monitor data. Parents and guardians have access to full assessment reports for individual students. This gives families an opportunity to see what classroom teachers see and use that knowledge to help students or talk to teachers about student needs.

Families interested in accessing the Star Assessment data report should contact the student’s class teacher.

With regular updates on student progress through Star Assessment and a commitment to cutting-edge training such as LETRS, teachers have the tools to help students learn to read and write at the right level once they enter school. You will be able to

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