Children’s and adolescents’ rising animal-source food intakes in 1990–2018 were impacted by age, region, parental education and urbanicity

Sub Levels

  • V.M., P.W. and D.M. conceptualized and designed the study. V.M., R.M., J.R. and J.C. were involved in the data collection. V.M., F.C., J.Z., P.S. and J.E.-M. conducted the analyses for the study. V.M., P.W. and D.M. drafted the manuscript. All the authors interpreted the data, read the final manuscript, reviewed it for important intellectual content and approved its submission. V.M. and D.M. are the guarantors of this work. The GDD Consortium members provided critical survey data to inform the Global Dietary Database dietary intake prediction models used in this analysis.

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