Cherry Creek Investment Advisors Increases Stake in Digital Realty Trust: Focus on Diverse Opinions Over Stocks

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Cherry Creek Investment Advisors Inc. is a financial institution that provides investment advice to clients and manages portfolios. The company increased its position in Digital Realty Trust, Inc. by 36.5% in the fourth quarter, according to its latest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The move increased Cherry Creek Investment Advisors’ Digital Realty Trust holding to about 1.4% of the portfolio, making it the company’s 19th largest position.

Digital Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust that owns and operates data centers in major cities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company recently announced a quarterly dividend of $1.22 per share to the record holder as of March 15th.

Despite this positive development, research analyst reports offer mixed assessments of the current state of Digital Realty Trusts as a booming stock option today. On February 8, Raymond his James lowered his price target on Digital Realty Trust from $165.00 to $155.00, while also declaring the company’s rating to be “strong.” buy. Barclays raised its price target on Digital Realty Trust from $79.00 to $80.00, but indicated in its May 1 report that it is taking a cautious view on the stock.

Credit Suisse Group AG has suggested investing in the stock conservatively as it believes there is little upside potential. But Citigroup’s raising its price target on Digital Realty Trust stock to $120 from $119 may suggest hope isn’t lost on this opportunity. .

Finally, Wells Fargo & Company applied an “equal weight” rating to the stock after lowering its price target to $105 from $115 last month. Three other sources rated the DLR as ‘sell’, four rated the DLR as ‘hold’ and one rated the DLR as ‘hold’. We rate DLR as a strong BUY.

According to, the stock currently has an average “Hold” consensus rating among investment analysts. Despite a flurry of conflicting opinions, Digital Realty Trust Inc. pulling out his 5.38% dividend yield with a current payout ratio of 439.64% has sparked strong interest and diverse opinions in the investment market. I cannot deny it.


Updated: 2023/05/22

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Institutional Investors Offer Support to Digital Realty Trust Despite Disappointing First Quarter Earnings

Investment giants Vanguard Group, BlackRock, Cohen & Stairs, State Street Corp, and Principal Financial Group all have significant stakes in Digital Realty Trust (DLR), which currently holds shares. 95% of which is held by institutional investors. Despite this strong backing, DLR Director Gene FHP Mandeville sold 1,500 shares at $97.47 per share on Monday, May 15, raising $146,205. EVP Dire Corey also sold 4,401 shares in the March 10 transaction, raising $458,540.19. The data comes after DLR reported disappointing first-quarter results last month, with the REIT revealing EPS came in at just $0.19 compared to consensus expectations of $1.65 per share. .

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