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June 26, 2023

Proposed bill would remove gender-specific spousal references from tax law and protect LGBTQ+ Americans from discrimination

washington dc – Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision. America vs WindsorSenate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) are bipartisan to stipulate equal dignity in tax laws for all legal marriages. announced that it will reintroduce the bill of The Equal Dignity Act for Marriage Taxpayers, co-sponsored by 43 senators, protects LGBTQ+ Americans by removing gender-specific references to marriage from tax law.

“Marriage equality is the law in this country, but tax laws still reflect old discrimination. It is long past time for that to change.” Senator Wyden said. “Recent history proves that the Supreme Court intends to eradicate precedent and defy the will of the majority of the American people in ways that set back important individual rights. Equality cannot be taken for granted and we have a responsibility to blackmail all aspects of marriage equality, including financial interests.”

“This bipartisan law, including the Respect of Marriage Act, which I co-authored last year, takes an important step toward modernizing tax laws that reflect the equal rights and dignity enjoyed by all married couples under the law. is.” said Senator Collins. “This bill is another important step towards promoting equality and preventing discrimination.”

in the Windsor With this ruling, the Supreme Court nullified a provision of the Defense of Marriage Act that defined a “marriage” as a legal union between one man and one woman. Two years later, a court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry and lifted the state-level ban on marriage. In 2016, the Treasury Department reflected this decision by finalizing a rule allowing same-sex couples to jointly apply to the federal. Senator Wyden’s bill, which will be reintroduced at the next Senate session, will build on those efforts by ensuring our tax law provides equal treatment for all married taxpayers. be. Rep. Becca Balint (D-Vermont) has introduced a related bill in the House.


Press Contact: Ryan Carey

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