CFP Commission Imposes Provisional Suspension on Lisa A. Dikowski of Wilmette, Illinois

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Washington, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Financial Planner Standard Committee Co., Ltd. (CFP Board) announced that it has imposed a CFP moratorium® certification for Lisa A. Dikowskiwhich is currently valid June 12, 2023.

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upon May 4, 2023, CFP Board Enforcement Counsel has filed a motion for an interim stay (Motion) under Section 2.1.a.1. of the CFP Board of Directors rules of procedurerequest. hearing panel of Disciplinary and Ethics Committee Interim Suspension Order Issued Against (December) Ditkowski Mr.. CFP board staff found that: Ditkowski Mr. In posts and comments on a public LinkedIn account, he made statements containing sensitive information about a deceased former client. Ditkowski Mr. She made similar statements that confidential information was included in messages sent from her personal email account to known and unknown individuals and groups, but without explicit rights or explicit consent to this information. pending the motion, Ditkowski Mr. In public posts and videos on YouTube and numerous widely circulated email messages, she continued to publish sensitive statements about her deceased former client, as well as unprofessional comments about others. . After hearings on the matter, hearing panel DEC determined that CFP Commission Enforcement Counsel demonstrated by overwhelming evidence that: Dikowski’s We have determined that the conduct poses a serious threat to the public or has a serious impact on the reputation of the profession and the CFP® Certification Mark, and has issued an interim restraining order against: Ditkowski Mr.. Pursuant to an interim suspension order, Dikowski’s Your right to use the CFP® Certification Mark is suspended until the CFP Commission’s investigation is complete and further disciplinary proceedings are completed.

A provisional suspension is a suspension of a CFP® Professional’s certification and trademark license pending CFP Commission enforcement proceedings. A defendant subject to an interim suspension order may not use the CFP® Certification Mark or state or imply that the defendant is her CFP® professional while the interim suspension order is in effect. yeah. An interim suspension order is a temporary sanction and does not prevent the CFP Commission from imposing a final sanction. The interim suspension will remain in force until her DEC is filed or, if an appeal is filed, by her CFP board. Appeals Committee, to issue the final order.a hearing panel DEC may issue an order to vacate the interim suspension if the defendant successfully files a motion to vacate the interim suspension.

The rationale for this decision is also documented on the CFP Board website ( On its website, the CFP Commission provides the following information to the public:

  • Ability to review an individual’s disciplinary history and CFP® certification status by the CFP Board.
  • Links to other sources of information about CFP® professionals. It may contain newer information or information that does not lead to the CFP Commission’s discipline and has not been posted on his website for the CFP Commission. This information may include disputes with customers, disciplinary action by regulators or employers, certain criminal matters and certain financial matters (such as bankruptcy proceedings and unpaid judgments or liens).
  • link to of the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (Finla’s) BrokerCheck and of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (of the SEC) Investment advisory public database for eligible individuals Finla again SEC Surveillance.

CFP Commission Enforcement Process

As part of the accreditation, the CFP® Professional undertakes to the CFP Commission to comply with the CFP Commission’s rules. Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (Codes and Standards)or its predecessor Standards of Professional Conduct (Standards)which contains Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities, Code of Conduct and Financial Planning Code of Practice. of the CFP Committee rules of procedure Establish processes to investigate issues and impose sanctions if violations are found.

CFP Board Enforces Its Ethical Standards Through Investigations Suspect If we have good reason to believe that we have committed a violation and that sanctions are warranted, we will file a complaint that includes: Suspect CFP Board Violations of DEC. DEC meets at least six times a year to consider matters submitted by the CFP Board. Suspect CFP® Professional breach of regulation code and standard or its predecessor standard. DEC works according to: rules of procedure All matters will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific details of each individual case. Sanctions may be imposed if DEC determines there are grounds for sanctions. DEC’s orders can be challenged by a CFP® expert or the CFP Commission. rules of procedure.

In certain circumstances, such as when a CFP® expert defaults due to failure to acknowledge receipt of an investigation notice or to submit a response, CFP Commission staff may be suspended, suspended, revoked, or permanently banned. must issue an administrative order.Administrative orders are also subject to appeal.

For more information on the CFP Commission’s enforcement process, visit

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The CFP Board is the world’s professional agency for personal financial planners. we The CFP Board consists of two affiliated bodies focused on advancing the professionalism of financial planning for the public good. CFP Standards Committee It sets and maintains standards in financial planning and maintains the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. This accreditation is widely recognized by the public, advisors and companies. standard For Financial Planners — Enabling the public to reap the benefits of competent and ethical financial planning. More than 95,000 people hold the CFP® certification. weCFP Board Financial Planning Center He conducts and publishes research that addresses diversity and workforce development challenges and adds to the body of knowledge for financial planning professionals.

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