Capital Bank wins Best Syndicated Loan Award for Middle Eastern Financial Institutions from EMEA Finance


Capital Bank recently received the Best Syndicated Loan Award for Middle Eastern Financial Institutions from EMEA Finance, a full-service publishing and events company focused on the banking and financial industry in the EMEA region. The 15th Annual Meritorious Awards Ceremony was held in London and brought together the corporate, banking and financial professionals responsible for the best capital markets transactions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This international recognition is a testament to Capital Bank’s efforts to complete a syndicated loan transaction worth US$115 million. This transaction was the bank’s first attempt and was a great success, surpassing the target solicitation amount. The region and he will help strengthen Capital Bank’s position at the regional level with the participation of 12 banks from two continents.

Jamal Al Qudah, Head of Financial Institutions Management, Capital Bank, expressed the bank’s pride in being recognized with this international recognition, which highlights another stellar aspect of the bank’s operations. said it will. He said the EMEA Finance Awards recognize the hard work of the Capital Bank team in working with a diverse group of international and regional banks to successfully complete a US$115 million syndicated loan transaction. It was pointed out that Funds from this transaction will be used to meet the bank’s requirements to finance economically significant development projects.

Al Qudah expressed his sincere gratitude to the EMEA Finance team for presenting this award. This reflects the confidence of our partners in the Capital Bank, especially the Central Bank of Jordan and the Jordanian market as a whole.

Rami Al-Kafash, Group Chief Investment and Finance Officer of Capital Bank, said receiving the award demonstrates the reputation the bank deserves in the eyes of individual and corporate clients who are at the forefront of their priorities and concerns. He explained that it was the evidence he had. He emphasized the Bank’s continuous efforts to provide modern and cutting-edge banking services and products, thereby improving Jordan’s banking sector. He also said this reflects the bank’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive development in Saudi Arabia.

Christopher Moore, Publisher and CEO of EMEA Finance, commented: “The Joint Syndicate Facility offered by Capital Bank was a huge success as it closed for the first time at US$115 million.” . He emphasized that through this transaction Capital Bank is demonstrating the strength of its partnership in the region. Our extensive list of supporting financial partners indicates that these partners are likely to be a stable and reliable source of future funding opportunities. Mr. Moore congratulated the Capital Bank team on this important achievement, which will allow the bank to expand and develop its business as it sees fit.

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