Cane’s Fund Raises Benefits, Brings Home Closure Costs to $10,000

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Raising Cane’s Restaurants LLC has added new employee benefits to help recruit and retain talent, including a $10,000 closing fee for restaurant leaders who buy their first homes, the company announced.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Chicken Finger brand, which has 700 quick-service restaurants and plans to add about 100 this year, unveiled new benefits at a gathering of 2,300 employees, executives and vendors in Dallas this month said AJ. Kumaran, Co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer of the company, said:

It needs a pipeline of restaurant leaders to enter new markets like its flagship store in New York City’s Times Square, which is set to open on June 21, Kumaran said.

“We don’t just need the best of the best,” Kumaran said in an interview. “We need training to not only attract them, but to develop the program and keep them in our business. That only happens if everyone has a solid career path. To do.”

“I want everyone to pursue their dream of buying their first home,” Kumaran added, adding that the response to the $10,000 offer was “incredible.” increase.

“It was really inspiring for me personally to get that message across,” he said. “Some people are already going through it.”

Raging Canes, which now owns all its own units, is in an aggressive growth phase, adding 14 new markets in the next 12 months, Kumaran said.

To promote these new markets, he added:

“This can cater to everyone,” Kumaran added. “There are people who just want to travel and go to different places.”

For example, an initial group of 10 people were selected in New York City to support the brand launch in New York City. Trainers receive free rent for 3 to 6 months in addition to any other surcharges.

Other benefits announced this month included moving all employees’ weekly wages and all hourly managers’ minimum wages to $18 an hour.

Kumaran said hourly crews in new positions will have the opportunity to earn additional compensation of up to $3 an hour through a zone-based training program.

“The reality is that everyone wants a career and everyone wants a high salary. If you cut all the noise, that’s the foundation of our business,” he said.

Raising Cane’s has announced several new positions for both the hourly crew member level and the hourly manager and payroll manager levels.

“It provides managers with a well-trained and talented crew that is retained by our business rather than constantly being replaced,” he added.

The four new positions include Kitchen Zone Specialist, Service Specialist, Safety Specialist and Certified Trainer. “We know training will be the cornerstone of our future,” he said.

“The trainers who train the crew in our restaurant can immediately earn an extra $2 an hour on top of their wages while training the crew. Considering your average wage, $15 is a big number,” he said. “I could only hear pure excitement.”

The company is also increasing monthly incentives for salaried leaders by about 25%.

Growing cane announced at start of pandemic Its Restaurant Partner Program. “In 2022, we paid $5.2 million in long-term incentives,” Kumaran said. “That’s on top of salary and bonuses. It’s a long-term incentive for his 45 people in the program.”

Raising Cane’s offers physician concierge services and financial planners to select managers.

“I think we will continue to attract great talent, but I think these structured training developments and incentive programs will encourage people to take the training and retain it for the long term,” Kumaran said. ‘ said.

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