Busoga Leaders Condemn Poverty, Museveni Supports 2026

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The NRM, Special Assistant to the President and Coordinator of the Office of the National President of the National Resistance Movement, blamed the leaders of the Busoga subregion for the continued poverty endured by its inhabitants.

Hadidjah Namyaro presided over the endorsement of Yoweri Museveni as the 2026 presidential candidate at Kakindu Stadium on June 24.

She responded to the concerns raised by the crowd and expressed her dissatisfaction with the severe poverty levels.

She said some of Uganda’s richest leaders hail from the Busoga subregion, but locals remain poor because they ignore poverty eradication interventions in their communities. .

“It’s ridiculous that most of the ministers with money are from Busoga, but why do the people they lead remain poor?” Namyaro wondered.

Namyaro said he came to Jinja City to “rebrand” the president, whose name is allegedly tarnished by people who don’t understand the power he gives to leaders.

She urged people in the Busoga subregion to prepare a document containing the issues affecting them to present to the President during his upcoming visit to the region.

Ms. Roy Katari, a female Member of Parliament (MP) of Jinja District, Mr. Nasser Ashraf, Mayor of Jinja South District, Ms. Bunya South, Ms. Idi Isabilye, and Mr. Fredrik Munirwa, Chairman of Kagoma Constituency NRM, elected President Mbeseni. I signed a book that I endorse. His NRM party candidate ahead of the 2026 general election.

Stephen Wante, Jinja North Mayor’s NRM bannerman and deputy chairman of the Organizing Committee for President Museveni, said divisions between Busoga’s leaders were partly responsible for the slow development and declining party support. said there is.

Mr Wante called for the Speaker’s Office to intervene in the ongoing discord that could further erode support for the party.

NRM executive Edwin Rufafa said President Museveni “always thinks ahead.”

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