Building Financial Security Can Feel Hard. You Don’t Have to Do It Alone.

Financial Planners

Achieving your long-term goals starts with reaching out to a financial professional.

For many Americans, managing personal finances is a challenge. Complex financial concepts can be difficult to understand, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what to do with your money, from how to budget, save and invest to what life insurance is right for you. That’s where the value of a financial professional comes in.

Just 29% of respondents in Primerica’s Financial Security Monitor survey of middle-income families across the country said they are very confident in making sound financial decisions without outside professional help. Lack of time and anxiety continue to be the biggest challenges people face with tracking their financial information.

For more than 40 years, Primerica has helped middle-income families improve their financial well-being through professional, personalized guidance from licensed representatives. By teaching the principles of personal finance, Primerica’s more than 130,000 licensed financial representatives empower families to create a financial game plan and make informed financial decisions for their futures.


Equally as important is that these representatives, who are located across every state, Canada, and Puerto Rico, come from diverse backgrounds and are deeply rooted in the communities they serve, providing invaluable connections built on face-to-face relationships with clients.

“We’re focused on middle-income families and helping those families with the specific financial guidance they can use to achieve financial security,” said Glenn J. Williams, CEO of Primerica. “We believe we can serve that community best when we’re in that community and when we come from that community.”

It’s why Primerica representatives Angel and Ceci Cano feel so passionate about helping middle-income families in Los Angeles. “I understand a lot of their struggles because I went through those when I was growing up,” Angel said. “Most people in cities like ours, you won’t see somebody coming into somebody’s home teaching them.”

The same holds true for Jim Sullivan, a Primerica representative in Brooklyn. Jim believes, “Middle-income families are abandoned and overlooked when it comes to financial education. There is nothing more exhilarating than being able to sit down with a family in the comfort of their own home and discuss some of their most pressing financial concerns, address their financial goals and dreams, and map out strategies on how to help get them there.”

For Mary Hayes, it’s about bringing financial education and tools to more communities across the country, including her rural town of Demotte, Ind., which she’s served for more than 30 years. “What we do for families is priceless, because we make sure they’re properly protected, we make sure they’re saving for retirement and we’re teaching them how to become debt-free and financially independent,” Mary said.  

Primerica representatives like Angel, Ceci, Jim and Mary, know the ins-and-outs of what it takes for families to improve their financial situation through greater education and access to right-sized financial products. Over the years, they’ve helped many families overcome financial challenges as they work toward setting and achieving their financial goals. As Ceci says, “Every time I sit down with a client, I just think to myself, ‘I’m about to change this person’s life.’”

Primerica is a leading provider of financial services to middle-income households in the United States and Canada. Licensed financial representatives educate Primerica clients about how to prepare for a more secure financial future by assessing their needs and providing products like term life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, and other financial products. Primerica representatives are not financial planners.  Representatives are independent contractors and not employees of Primerica. 


Primerica representatives market term life insurance underwritten by National Benefit Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Long Island City, NY in New York State; Primerica Life Insurance Company, Executive Offices: Duluth, GA in all other U.S. jurisdictions; and Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada, Home Office: Suite 400, 6985 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5N 0G3, Phone: 905-812-2900 in Canada.

Testimonials are voluntarily provided by the representative depicted. Results may not be representative of the experience of others. Primerica does not provide any form of compensation or benefits in exchange for testimonials.

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