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Joe Sokolowski is all about real estate, and it fits. He plans to build a real estate-based business from scratch.

A Rohrer College of Business (RCB) graduate and Cranford University finance major, Sokolowski did an internship at commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield last summer. he starts his own company.

But his real estate education didn’t start there. He is also a board member of the Rowan Real Estate Group Student Organization. He was a student research fellow at Provost. He was involved with the Rowan Student Investment Group and the Institute of Financial Management. He worked with Dr. Eric Liguori at the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to produce a Certificate of Undergraduate Studies in Real Estate (not yet available). He said he was also president of the Rowan Fishing Club. This club provided an amazing lesson for any student (more on that below).

Before starting to buy and sell for his own firm, Sokolowski is seeking a position as an Acquisition Analyst that will allow him to immerse himself in real estate, the relevant markets and all the variables that affect them. Sokolowski said the work will include his prospective employer’s investments and his deep data dives into investments held by competitors. It involves not only digging into the data, but also creating a detailed cost-benefit analysis of risks and presenting a breakdown of those risks to managers, clients and/or investors.

Entering his final semester at Rowan University with a GPA of 3.85, Sokolovski has worked in a wide range of fields from business halls to WGLS-FM and hosted Season 2 of the Entrepreneurship @ Rowan podcast.

“It may be 10 years before I start my own real estate investment firm,” he said.

Ultimately, the heart of the real estate industry is sales, but Sokolowski says back-end research forms the brain and nervous system, telling managers and salespeople what deals are closed and closed. Provides important information.

After finishing his final semester, Sokolowski says his experience at RCB has led him not only to a passion for real estate, but also to a passion for business for the greater good, a central theme of the university.

“Real estate is a great way to build wealth and I hope it enriches my life, but it’s more than that,” he said. “There is an emotional connection to real estate, whether it is residential or industrial buildings that help create jobs and communities.”

Regarding being president of a fishing club, Sokolowski said the biggest lesson was leadership, not how to fish.

“My advice to students is that even at the club level, if you can take a leadership role, it will help you a lot in your job search,” he said. When I asked why they chose me over anyone else, they didn’t seem afraid of me talking to them. It’s a skill. Public speaking, even in a small group, helps you feel more confident talking to others.”

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