Bucks Pro Bowler hopes Tom Brady’s retirement will restore Tampa Bay’s record with Baker Mayfield


Tom Brady is gone with the Buccaneers, but the number 12 Super Bowl will never be forgotten. However, according to a statement from former quarterback teammate Tristan Wilfs, the team seems to be seriously trying to forget his last season. When asked what record the team would achieve in 2023, he set the bar at 12-5, which is 50% higher, according to Vikes Verified via CBS Sports.

Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask will go head-to-head for starting spots this summer, but analysts seem to favor Mayfield early on.

Last season, Brady led his team to a rather lukewarm season, winning the NFC South but going underperforming. Some might argue that his first career negative record was the result of missing part of the final game of the year to rest for the playoffs, but the numbers are true.

Legends Shake Up in 2022: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady Come to an End

12th place Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons

For many reasons, 2022 has been a year of transition for some of the biggest names in gaming. A new guard took over completely, leaving the previous generation of star quarterbacks en masse. Brady posted a career-low number of wins, and the same can be said for Russell Wilson.

No one perfected the back shoulder throw like Aaron Rodgers

The No. 3 kicked off a transitional period with an explosive trade to the Denver Broncos ending his Seattle career. While many hyped the move, he had his worst season yet in several notable categories.

Aaron Rodgers ended up posting the second-worst total wins of his career in a season that played at least 10 games after a notable December run. Shortly thereafter, his days at Green Bay came to an end.

Now, 2023 is an opportunity for two of the three players to set the stage for a bright end to their careers. For Rogers and his gray beard, the end could come at any moment. Wilson, meanwhile, is still gearing up for a bright final chapter that could take more than five years.

Of course, the end could come sooner if it fails as it did in 2022. Will the last Veteran Guard give the next generation the last laugh, or have they lingered too long already?

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