Bryan Cranston officially announces retirement from acting


Bryan Cranston has announced that he will soon retire from acting.

Emmy award winning work in an interview with British “GQ” malcolm in the middle and breaking bad The actor has announced that he will only be working for three more years before officially retiring in 2026 to spend more time with his wife. “I want to change the paradigm again,” said Cranston. “For the last 24 years, Robin has lived my life by the tail. She has been a plus one and a celebrity wife. “But we’re unequal. I want to level it out. She deserves it.”

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Cranston’s announcement comes as the actor will next star in Wes Anderson’s latest film. asteroid city. Prior to this, Cranston was said to be working on a revival of the early blockbuster FOX series. malcolm in the middleand co-star Frankie Muniz. Cranston confirmed talks about the revival with series creator Lynnwood Boomer, but debunked Muniz’s claim that the actor was involved in the creative process. “If they can come up with a great idea, a valid idea, he’ll pursue it. But if they don’t, no,” Cranston said.

Bryan Cranston’s television career

Cranston’s early years in the entertainment industry consisted of guest appearances on hit shows such as; baywatch, seinfeld and X-file. From 2000 to 2006, Cranston played the title character’s father, Hal. malcolm in the middle, which earned him three Primetime Emmy nominations. But it was his wicked turn as AMC science teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White. breaking bad That turned Cranston into a superstar.

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Over the course of five seasons from 2008 to 2013, Cranston’s critically acclaimed show won over a new generation of fans. breaking bad. The actor won four Primetime Emmy Awards for his performance on the AMC drama, making the series Guinness World Records’ most acclaimed show of all time. Long after the series ended, Cranston continued to reprise the role in Super Bowl ads. breaking bad spin-off series Better Call Saul and Netflix movies El Camino: Breaking Bad Movie.

Cranston recently headlined the Showtime series Your Honor Two seasons were broadcast from 2020 to 2023.His next film projects include Matthew Vaughn’s spy thriller Argyle and indie drama everything will be fine. Additionally, Cranston has expressed interest in playing Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee in a biopic.

Cranston can be seen at Astroid City Coming to theaters on June 16th.

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