Best Small Towns in West Virginia for Retirement


Located in the eastern United States, West Virginia is a scenic state filled with natural beauty. It is also known as the “Mountain State” due to the majestic Appalachian Mountains. Plus, West Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah River, outdoor activities, and low cost of living make West Virginia completely free from city life. As such, you can find great cities to retire and settle in, such as Charleston. But sparsely populated West Virginia also has some great small towns with tranquil settings that you’re sure to enjoy in retirement.

blue field

Aerial view of Bluefield, West Virginia.
Overlooking Bluefield, West Virginia.

Offering beautiful views and affordability, Bluefield has everything you need for retirement living. With a population of about 10,000, this beautiful town in Mercer County blends city life with a small town feel. Most townspeople spend their days outdoors enjoying a baseball game at local Bowen Field or relaxing at Rotito City Park. These spots are always filled with friendly people and the positive atmosphere never gets boring. Additionally, Rotito City Park offers picnic spots and walking trails to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re not outdoors, you can spend time at the Bluefield Branch Library. With thousands of books, magazines and DVDs, this place is a fountain of knowledge about towns and states.

In addition to great activities, Bluefield is also an affordable option for retirement. With median home prices as low as $78,100 for him, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to settle here. Amenities are also uncompromising, as the town boasts multiple medical centers, a large shopping mall, and excellent connectivity. Leave the stress behind and enjoy a night of golf at the Fincastle Golf Course.


Aerial view of Summersville, West Virginia.
Overlooking Summersville, West Virginia. Image credit: Malachi Jacobs (via Shutterstock)

Summersville, the county seat of Nicholas County, is a quaint city surrounded by mountains and beautiful Summersville Lake. There are countless spectacular outdoor sights that attract people from all over the world. For waterfront charm, spend the day on the 2,700-acre Summersville Lake. With more than 90 miles of coastline, you can enjoy swimming, boating, scuba diving, and even fishing. Invite your friends over for a delicious dinner of trout, crappie, catfish and bass. If you’re not by the water, you can also visit Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park. With 156 acres of natural land, the park is a great place to relax and learn about the town’s past.

Summersville is a popular retirement destination for its abundance of natural sights and fun activities. The average age he is 54 years old, and there are many retired people in the city. Therefore, there is no shortage of like-minded people with whom you can enjoy a relaxing old age. Visit the local Kirkwood Winery. Great wine, friendly people and good conversation all year round. Combined with Somerville’s low crime rate and pleasant climate, it’s an ideal small town for retirement in West Virginia.


A sunny day along the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.
New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.

Historic Beckley is a vibrant town of 17,300 residents. Once famous for its coal mining, the town boasts a thriving educational scene and a range of urban facilities. This makes it a perfect home away from home for those looking for a comfortable city life without the hustle and bustle. In the city, you’ll always find people enjoying great food, vibrant culture, and outdoor hotspots. Nearby Grandview National Park, for example, is a popular spot with 52 acres of iconic scenery. The park offers a holistic nature experience, including hiking, boating, camping and fishing. For those not into the outdoors, Beckley also has great spots like the Beckley Exhibit Colliery and Youth Museum, which showcases authentic mining equipment and memorabilia from the town’s past. With these spots and so many great shops, restaurants and establishments dotted around the city, there’s no shortage of things to do in Beckley.

If you’re planning to move to Beckley, you’ll be happy to know that the town offers a range of ideal amenities. Regarding medical care, the city has three large medical centers with various advanced facilities. These centers provide essential services for many retirees, such as social programs and veteran care. Plus, access to Beckley is easy with multiple highway and Amtrak connections via Prince Station. If you’re looking for a bustling small town to enjoy your retirement, Beckley should be your first choice.


Mercer Street (West Virginia Route 20) in downtown Princeton, West Virginia.
Mercer Street in downtown Princeton, West Virginia.Image credit: Tim Kaiser via Wikimedia Commons

With over 23% of the town’s population over the age of 65, there’s no shortage of friends in Princeton. So you can enjoy the homely atmosphere and quaint atmosphere of this town, perfect for settling down and retiring. Enjoy the outdoors at HP Honeycutt Field, which hosts great baseball games year-round. Or choose Glenwood Recreational Park for hiking trails, amazing wildlife and even fishing for the perfect time surrounded by nature. While these outdoor attractions are great, Princeton has unique attractions that keep you entertained. For example, The Bronze Look, LLC is an all-in-one shop that sells gold, jewelry, art, and other stored items all at once. Sell ​​your surplus items to receive money and live a luxurious retirement.

After deciding what to do after a relaxing retirement, another big concern is safety. You’re lucky because Princeton has very little violent crime, so it’s a safe place to settle down with your family. Added to this, the town has decent housing and a dense suburban feel, making it a comfortable place to live for retirees.


Downtown Weston, West Virginia
Downtown Weston, West Virginia.

Enjoy a carefree retirement in the historic town of Weston in Lewis County. Founded in 1818, the town has changed names several times and was once home to the Trans-Allegheny Psychiatric Hospital. This makes the town a history buff’s dream, boasting a number of iconic sights and landmarks. For example, the Trans-Allegheny Psychiatric Hospital was recently converted into a museum, offering historical tours, great exhibits, and interesting stories from the site’s past. Similarly, the American Museum of Glass is a popular spot for more than 20,000 of his unique glass creations. With these and dozens of other historic sites located within Weston’s two historic districts, you can spend weeks soaking up the town’s beautiful past.

On the other hand, if you want to spend your retirement surrounded by nature, Weston has you covered. This quaint town is home to lively spots like Lewis County Park and is always busy with locals and visitors alike. Here you can meet up with friends, swim, play tennis or play golf to keep fit. Or why not bring some snacks and enjoy a quick picnic surrounded by the lush beauty of West Virginia.

After a day outdoors, you can always enjoy a hearty meal in the comfort of your own home. Weston boasts a low cost of living and a low crime rate, eliminating half of your retirement worries. If the average home price is less than her $100,000, she can live in luxury for the rest of her retirement.


Market Street Bridge over the Ohio River between Weirton, West Virginia, and Steubenville, Ohio.
Market Street Bridge over the Ohio River between Weirton, West Virginia, and Steubenville, Ohio.

A 30-mile drive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Weirton is the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds. With a population of 19,200, this quaint town offers a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. With great facilities like the Williams Gold & Country Club and the Steel Valley Bowling Center, Weirton has a lot to offer. Make new friends, spend a day in the sun and enjoy a peaceful retirement. If you need city facilities like hospitals, banks, and specialty equipment, just drive to Pittsburgh and you’ll find them all. With major cities nearby and easy air and road connections, retiring in Weirton won’t be a problem for travel.

Beyond its excellent recreational facilities, Weirton is rich in history. Once home to the Weirton Steel Corporation’s integrated steel mills, the town is one of many cultural attractions to learn about its past. The Weirton Regional Museum and Cultural Center, for example, is a local favorite that showcases many unique items, artifacts and souvenirs from the town’s turbulent past. If he decides to retire in Weirton, he will be happy to know that the town has one of the lowest crime rates and safest environments in the state.

oak hill

Downtown Main Street (WV Routes 16 and 61) w: Oak Hill, WV
Main Street in downtown Oak Hill, West Virginia.Image credit: Tim Kaiser via Wikimedia Commons

Oak Hill is a great town to consider if you want to enjoy the great outdoors in retirement. Located in Fayette County, the town offers a secluded feel away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy quiet luxury surrounded by stunning natural scenery. One of his most popular spots in town is the White Oak Rail Trail. With miles of pristine scenery, you can take a daily walk along this route to stay fit and healthy well into retirement. Or make friends in town and hit the tee at Collins Park Disc Golf Course. After a day outdoors, you may want to cool off and recharge at a local bar or cafe. If so, grab a seat at The Lost Paddle Bar and Grill, which is always buzzing with friendly people and lively conversation.

While Oak Hill has plenty of sights and attractions, it’s also affordable. The median home price in this town is $103,800, compared to the state average of $128,800, making it an ideal place to buy a home. If you’re not looking to buy a home, Oak Hill also has a number of nursing homes. With 21% of the population he is 65 or older, there are great assisted living facilities such as Oak Hill Place, Hidden Valley Center and Kate Boone Care Home. These places offer ideal living conditions, 24-hour care and the perfect environment to make friends.

With so many great small towns, West Virginia is a treasure trove of ideal retirement locations. Packed with safety, great amenities, and fun activities, you’ll have a stress-free retirement here. Most small towns also offer affordable rates, making it easy to live in luxury. So if you’re planning to retire, consider these beautiful towns in West Virginia.

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