Beijing Municipal Council splits from Finance Director after personnel investigation


The Beijing Municipal Council has approved a separation agreement with Bruce Marston, head of the Finance Department and former interim mayor.

Marston was removed from the interim role following a personnel investigation into his treatment of employees.

Full terms of the deal were not immediately available, but police chief and interim city manager John Dossey said the deal is largely consistent with what’s in the city’s employee handbook.

“I think the only thing left was his severance pay. That’s about it. And I think I had to pay him a total of about $84,000,” Dossey said. rice field.

City attorney Kate Swise said Marston had only a few years left to qualify for retirement from the Illinois City Retirement Fund.

Councilors Becky Cloyd, Rick Hirst and Dave Nutter voted against. They argued that there was not enough time to consider the agreement prior to the Board meeting.

Examination of alternative sites for local gymnasiums

Beijing developer Randy Price said he is considering another location on Second Avenue for the community gymnasium concept.

Price purchased the Court Street city block for his project. The land was also sought by Tazewell County for a new judicial center annex that it hoped to build on the site of the adjacent Arcade and Tobin Building to alleviate the current courthouse overcrowding.

“My intention was not to start a war here. I think we need to come to an agreement,” Price said. “The whole purpose was to bring people downtown. The whole purpose was to help children.”

Price said the Second Street site would solve the county and parking problem, but going forward would also increase out-of-pocket costs. Dossey said the next step would be for the city to continue talks with Price.

The county tendered for the demolition of the Tobin and Arcade buildings.

Ethics committee likely to be abolished, but succession is debatable

The Beijing Municipal Council appears poised to abolish the ethics commission based on conversations between lawmakers at Monday night’s meeting, but it is unclear whether it will replace it with an inquisitor or allow the council itself to crack down.

Beijing Mayor Mary Valles supports the Inquisitor model.

“The Inquisitor said we feel that we are here to separate everyone’s personalities and have outsiders listen to any concerns and make decisions on our behalf. she said.

The City Council will then have the final say on whether to take any action on the hearing officer’s recommendation.

However, other members were concerned that the Inquisitor could be over-empowered and biased, and believed the Council had the ability to enforce a code of ethics among its peers. It states that

Members generally agreed that the current ethics committee model was not working.

City councilman and floating voter Dave Nutter said he remains neutral on the issue at this time.

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