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Whether it’s in the realm of parenting, the sphere of political reporting, or celebrity antics, there’s one constant truth. Think for a moment about the depth of that seemingly simple statement, and let me repeat it. is.

Think about parenting for a moment. If parents are smart enough to “catch” their child’s positive behaviors (helpfulness, politeness, submission, kindness, cooperation, etc.), children will learn to get their attention through positive behaviors and be able to respond to such behaviors. Much more likely to get engaged again.

Conversely, if attention is constantly being paid to a child’s negative behaviors, such as whining, arguing, complaining, rolling his eyes, and retorting, the child will find ways to get attention, are learning how to “belong” in their own world.

My parenting classes emphasize a 10 to 1 ratio of positive to corrective statements to support a child’s emotional and developmental growth and build a positive self-image. Over the years, parents who adopted this mantra not only found parenting more enjoyable, but also found that their children developed a positive sense of themselves and that their behavior reflected this positivity. I got

I’ve been thinking about this concept recently as it relates to politics. Washington, D.C. has hundreds of lawmakers representing both parties to improve the lives of those they represent, to ensure we are wise stewards of our environment, and to help us understand what is happening at our borders. We care about people and work tirelessly to help people. Facing an imminent crisis, Ukraine practices cooperation and bipartisan action and goes to bed at night praying for answers to its increasingly complex problems.

You haven’t heard much about these women and men, have you? Men and women who succeed in gaining publicity and media attention instead of genuinely trying to work towards a better tomorrow for all of us.

And who can blame them? Want to make a short-term impact on the daily news cycle? Make your name famous by saying ridiculously silly things while watching three network TV shows, six talk shows, and a podcast. And once you become a household name, you can become an “influencer” in today’s world (another interesting phenomenon), and that status can include monetizing your personal unique “brand” to attract attention. Accompanied by additional “gifts” associated with

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, a number of hardworking, obscure legislators and senators are working, relatively unobtrusively, to keep our country functioning to the best of its ability. Newsworthy. “

In fact, it’s their work that should be celebrated and recognized, not the antics of the people in the spotlight. I’m sure you’ve heard names like AOC, Margory Taylor Green, and Lauren Boubert, but (unless you’re from great Nebraska, forgive me for choosing these “salt of the earth” folks). Please) Can you name one? A member of the Nebraska Federal Emergency?

I wasn’t able to look it up, so here’s what I found out about Senator Deb Fisher. and a balanced budget. She is committed to working with both Republicans and Democrats to advance smart policies that grow the economy and foster strong Nebraska families and communities. He is an expert in a variety of issues, including complex telecommunications problems. She was elected to the Valentine Rural High School Board of Education (my favorite place in Nebraska!), became president of the Nebraska School Board Association, and served on the Postsecondary Education Coordinating Board.

Senator Fisher sounds like someone with good sense and a desire to do good. Her voice of reason and compromise, and perhaps that’s why we haven’t heard much about her. She’s just doing her job the wonderful people of Nebraska sent her to Washington DC!

And don’t get me started on celebrities. A lot of people live pretty normal lives, but who are you listening to? Whether it’s drug problems, divorces, or financial scandals, the daily news cycle makes ratings. whatever you can get.

What if instead of focusing our energy on reporting the antics of people trying to get attention, we simply ignored them? Instead of sending out a series of reports to cover obscene scandals, we reported on the women and men who make the country work. Teachers, police officers, pastors, librarians, city planners, farmers, financial planners, volunteers, the list is almost endless. Sure, a late-night talk show would be more boring, but that’s a compromise I’m happy to make.

The behaviors we pay attention to are the behaviors we seek to get more of. words!

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