Barack Obama questions why Oceangate Titan tragedy got more headlines than refugee ship sinking

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  • 82 passengers are confirmed dead and hundreds more missing, including more than 100 children, after a fishing trawler sank near the coast of Greece on June 14.
  • Former president says more coverage of Titanic expedition ‘unsustainable’

President Barack Obama wonders why the media coverage of the Titan tragedy that killed five men is sweeping across the media when the sinking of a boat with 700 refugees is ignored. presenting.

The former president made the comparison during a speech at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in Athens on Thursday, hours before the US Coast Guard confirmed the submarine’s implosion.

He said it was “unacceptable” that the doom expedition attracted more attention than the capsize of a fishing trawler 80 miles off the coast of Greece, killing hundreds.

An overcrowded boat carrying hundreds of Pakistanis, Syrians, Egyptians and Palestinian refugees sank on June 14. It came two days before a $250,000-per-person Oceangate tour of the Titanic wreckage was reported missing.

82 passengers were found dead, 104 of the more than 750 passengers and crew were rescued, but the rest are still missing. The missing persons include more than 100 children.

“There is a potential tragedy happening on this submarine that is being reported moment by moment around the world,” he said.

“This is understandable because we are all hoping and praying for the deliverance of these people.

“But the fact that this thing gets so much more attention than the fact that 700 people were sunk is an intolerable situation.”

The International Organization for Migration called it “one of the worst maritime tragedies of the last decade”.

President Obama also raised the parallel in an interview with CNN earlier Thursday.

When talking about how democracies cannot thrive when inequality is high, he cites sub-tragedy as an example.

“In some ways, this shows how different people’s life chances are.”

It was revealed Thursday that the submarine “catastrophically imploded” just 1,600 feet from the bow of the Titan at Oceangate, killing five people inside instantly.
An overcrowded boat carrying hundreds of Pakistanis, Syrians, Egyptians and Palestinian refugees sank on June 14. It was two days before the $250,000-per-person Oceangate tour of the wreckage of the Titanic went missing.This is a photo before it capsized.
Medical staff carry survivors of a fishing boat accident on stretchers outside a warehouse at the port of Kalamata town.

President Obama gave a speech and interview during his stay in Athens with his wife Michelle and two daughters Malia and Sasha. On Wednesday they visited the Acropolis to enjoy their vacation.

It was revealed Thursday that the submarine “catastrophically imploded” just 1,600 feet from the Titanic’s bow, killing five people aboard Titanic instantly.

The voyage took her in 12,500 feet of water, where most rescue ships would not find her.

Victims include Oceangate CEO Stockton Rush, French Titanic expert Paul Henri Narjolet, British billionaire Hamish Harding, Pakistani businessman Shazada Dawood, and a 19-year-old This is Mr. Suleman, the son of Mr.

A submarine remotely controlled from a Canadian ship found debris on the seabed.

Shazada Dawood, 48, a trustee of the UK-based charity Prince’s Trust, and his son Sleman Dawood, 19, died in the tragedy.
Stockton Rush
Billionaire Hamish Harding, CEO of Action Aviation in Dubai
Paul Henry Narjolet, considered one of the world’s leading experts on the Titanic, is also missing on the submarine
Satellite images show ships participating in a search and rescue operation for the missing Titan submarine near the Titanic wreck.

The men likely died on Sunday before a military plane using sonar buoys could hear what they believed to be an SOS “bang” in the water. The U.S. Navy said it heard a sound consistent with an implosion when communications were lost about two hours after the dive.

The Navy passed the information on to the Coast Guard, according to people familiar with the matter.

The sinking of a migrant ship in one of the deepest parts of the Mediterranean has led to a massive rescue operation involving a 300-foot mega-yacht.

The Coast Guard, navy and merchant ships took part in a massive search and rescue operation, and planes and helicopters were also sent to rescue people trying to cross to Italy from Libya.

The harrowing footage showed medical workers rushing survivors off the yacht onto stretchers and people walking around barefoot and wrapped in blankets.

Women and children may have been trapped in the hold when the ship capsized and sank early in the morning, in what could be one of the deadliest accidents ever in the central Mediterranean.

Nine survivors, including the captain, have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling, amid high-profile Greece’s failure to act before the full ship capsized.

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