‘Aunt Ijacumo Catch a Submarine’: Reactions When Funke Akindere Advises People Not to Waste Their Time Envying Others

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  • Funke Akindele caused a stir with a new Twitter post, while colleague Toyn Abraham sparked criticism on social media
  • In a tweet, the mother of two urged people not to waste their energy envying others.
  • According to Funke, the sky is big enough for anyone to fly, bounce and succeed.

Popular Nollywood actress Funke Akindele reminded netizens that someone’s victory shouldn’t be the envy.

The filmmakers said the skies are big enough for Hustlers to fly, so everyone will get their share of the success.

Actresses Toyn Abraham and Funke Akindere
Netizens drag Toin Abraham out over Funke Akindele’s tweet. Photo credit: @toyin_abraham/@funkeakindelejenifa
Source: Instagram

A mother of two, she added that while it’s okay to praise someone while wishing them success, it’s just a waste of energy to envy those who are successful.

See the post below.

Netizens react to Funke Akindele’s tweet

People agreed with the actress’s post, most concluding that it was directed at her colleague Toyn Abraham.

Please read the comments below.


“Aunt Izakumo, catch the submarine.”

Doctor Fili:

“Hunke Akindere’s slander is unacceptable. She said it all and she worked hard to get to where she is now.”


“Aunt Toyn, I’m talking to you.”


“In fact, Funke and Toyn are incomparably far apart, but Funke is far ahead.”


“Rather than envy someone, I’d rather put all my energy into the effort… ‘The sky is big enough.'”

Official Laisha 05:

“Hmm, what is this in Ibarakumo?”

Absexy 22:

“Those idiots who talk about Toyin are just delusions. Toyin knows that Funke is his boss on every level and that she admires and respects him so much that he never thought of Funke. You shouldn’t be jealous of

Circle 2:

“There’s always a jerk on Bukka Street.”

_Hi_ Papito:

“Like Seina Awaju Baby, get this sub. Right out of the oven, it’s so hot. Madam, reborn stripper, kindly gather your subs in peace.”


“Toyin, did you hear me?”

Sunny Shell Official:

“Yes!!!!! I know who will be in the shade.”

Toyn Abraham Fights Dirty As Netizens Criticize Ijakumo

Popular actress Toyn Abraham’s Netflix version of ‘Kyjongun’ has probably received more criticism than she expected.

The movie star wasted no time attacking his critics on Twitter, making it clear that the hate came from elsewhere.

She said people opened a Whatsapp group just to bashing her movie, but it was all because she picked a candidate and endorsed him for president.

Source: Legit.ng

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