Arnold Schwarzenegger Retires As Competing CIA Agent In ‘FUBAR’ To Disturb Daughter


Huberwill premiere on Netflix on May 25, marking Schwarzenegger’s first-ever live-action scripted television role.

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action!

In an upcoming action-comedy series Huber, Schwarzenegger plays Luke, a father who sees retirement from the CIA until he is recruited for one final mission to extract the best CIA agent. Surgery is underway and he is surprised to learn that he has been sent to bring in his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro).

According to the streamer’s official synopsis, the pair quickly and hilariously come to the realization that “their whole relationship is a lie and they really don’t know each other at all.”

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in the trailer of HuberLuke declares he is “done” being a CIA agent before riding his motorcycle.

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

“You are officially retired,” says one colleague, and another asks, “How are you going to spend your golden years?”

Luke’s main goal after retirement seems to be spending more time with his family. Despite his divorce, he said he was “going to get his wife back now that he’s retired.”

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However, his retirement is short-lived when he is asked to rescue an operative who goes by the codename Panda. [weapon of mass destruction], zip off. ”

The mission doesn’t go as planned when he learns that Panda is actually his daughter. He says, “Oh my god, is my daughter in her CIA?”

“What—?” she blurts out, and he barks, “Language!”

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

She explains that Emma won’t be distracted by her father once she finds him here.

However, he still treats her “like a child”, especially when he finds out she has “alcohol, cigarettes and lipstick for decoration”.

She quickly corrected him, saying, “That’s not lipstick,” before he realized it was an unassuming form of sex toy.

Luke steps in to defend his daughter under attack and fights off the assailant after being hit in the “violin arm”.

Father and daughter are at odds for most of the trailer, but it concludes with Emma sharing everything she learned from her father. She said, “Working with her father taught me a lot: how he led the team, how he kept his cool, how he cut a man’s throat vertically to speed up the bleeding. “

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

Christos Karohoridis/Netflix

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The project marks the first-ever live-action scripted television role for Schwarzenegger.

“Everywhere I go people ask me when I’m going to do a big action comedy like this. true lie‘” Schwarzenegger said in an earlier statement. Huber It will kick your butt and make you laugh—and not just for two hours. ”

Jay Baruchel, Fortune Famester, Milan Carter, Travis Van Winkle, Gabriel Luna, Andy Buckley, Aparna Briel, Barbara Eve Harris and Fabiana Udenio are also creators, producers and showrunners. Appearing in an eight-episode series by Nick Santra.

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Huber It will premiere on Netflix on May 25th.

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