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Scandova may have broken Ariana Maddix’s heart, but vanderpump rulesThe reality star is far from bankrupt.

Bravolvrity, 37, is recovering from a massive breakup and cheating guilt that captivated the world — and she’s turned chaos into money with a variety of brand deals and partnerships, including one with an ex. (Tom Sandoval) and a former best friend (Raquel Reavis).

Maddix has partnered with manufacturing company BIC, personal finance company SoFi, snack food brand Lay’s and sex toy store Bellesa Boutique among others. Her commercial to promote BIC’s new razor product, BIC EasyRinse, her spot on social media exploded and even led to revenue for the company.

“Two weeks after the spot aired, sales of our EasyRinse razors for women increased by 35%,” said Katie Potocki, marketing director for BIC Blade Excellence, in an interview. hollywood reporter. “We’ve seen a lot of social chatter, and it’s been on the rise. We’re approaching 20 million views on Instagram, which is an incredible response. But that’s social. Not only in the mention of , but also in sales.”

Potocki said when news of Scandova broke in March, the company was “listening to what’s going on in conversation and pop culture and said, ‘This is the perfect moment to unblock Ariana’s life. ‘I said,’ he said.

They shot content at Maddix’s house (which she still shares with ex-girlfriend Sandoval) and initially developed a digital social media campaign. However, the response was so great that we released a traditional spot for television, which aired between episodes 1 and 2. Vanderpump rules reunion episode. The commercial will air again on Wednesday night when the final reunion episode airs on Bravo.

“We don’t know what’s going on in the Bravo realm, Vanderpump rulessaid Potocki.

Most of Maddix’s new deal mentions or points to his split from Sandoval, after nine years together. Maddix posted an ad with the Rays and wrote on social media: “Recently, I’ve been leaving the team with the old and joining the team with the new. But there’s always something comforting about a perfectly made sandwich paired with golden @rays chips!” In another post on Brando, she hinted at the split by writing, “It feels good to try something new!”

When she announced that she was working with Bellesa Boutique, she posted a photo of herself holding a vibrator. “Sometimes the vibe has to change. I’ll keep you all occupied with toys,” she wrote. Maddix told fans that they could get a free vibrator or a gift card if they signed up for her giveaway.

“She’s seizing this opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. This is an opportunity for her to get the story right and ride it as far and as fast as possible,” said senior editor Dave Quinn. Told. people magazine. “I’m sure she’s someone who will turn this pain of hers into her own continued joy, and find her new opportunities in the process. And the way she secured the bag is very I was impressed with

“She’s gotten through this pain and put herself in a really good position, which is pretty cool,” Quinn continued. “Look, if someone gave me a lot of money when my boyfriend cheated on me, I would be grateful for it.”

In a new relationship with fitness trainer Daniel Wye, Maddix also partnered with SoFi, which specializes in financial independence. In one ad, she said, “From now on, all you have to do is ride or die,” adding that Sophie “has a whole team of financial planners who have your best interests in mind. …you can ask your own financial best friend to help you.” Make the right decisions with your money, even in difficult times. “

“We knew we had an opportunity to truly support Ariana and help her get her money right and find a foothold on financial independence during this critical time. It’s a great role model to show women that it’s possible to be independent and rebuild your finances after a breakup,” said Lauren Stafford-Webb, chief marketing officer at SoFi. “As Ariana builds her business and continues to receive deals with brands, I want to help her make the most of every opportunity that comes her way, as much as she works to make her money. It’s important that works for her, and we’re thrilled to partner with Ariana in a genuine way and make sure she’s well positioned to get the money right.”

In another ad for SoFi, Maddix drew attention when a photo of the reality star moving boxes from her Los Angeles home was posted on social media. Although she wasn’t really on the move at the time, it was part of a partnership with SoFi, which according to Webb, “wanted Ariana to be ‘depressed’ into her financial turmoil in order to bring out the intrigues of the pop world.” We decided to revitalize our partnership by helping them get some headroom.” culture fan. “

“The response from our partnership, which wants to raise awareness of SoFi among new audiences, has been fantastic. Scandoval will be at the center of pop culture this spring, and Ariana’s followers will be ready for the next chapter in their lives. We are deeply focused on her success at We are happy to provide financial tools and guidance to help Ariana get her money right, but at the same time help people around the world manage their economies. We can open a dialogue to encourage people to take control of their future,” Webb said.

With Maddix’s popularity and attention growing, ‘Team Ariana’ has become a major trend, even appearing in the bathroom mirror at Sandoval’s new bar, Schwartz & Sandy.

Maddix led NBCUniversal’s latest presentation last month. In the wake of the scandal, merchandise from fellow cast member Katie Maloney and a forthcoming sandwich shop made $200,000.She’s set to star in the next Lifetime movie buy back my daughter Across from Megan Goode. Along with her castmates Sheena Shay and Lala Kent, she starred in an Uber commercial remixing Shay’s dance bop “Good as Gold.” She greeted and interacted with her customers and fans during an hour-long drive-thru shift at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. And at last weekend’s San Diego Padres game, she and Shae threw the first pitch of the season while mascot Swinging Flyer held up a placard reading “Team Ariana.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos discussed this spicy subject on the morning show. Jennifer Lopez put her two cents on the topic. And this entanglement was mentioned at a recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner attended by Maddix.

“Scandals have eaten into careers this year. The untouchable Tucker Carlson lost his job… Tucker got caught — caught like that guy.” Vanderpump rules‘, host Roy Wood Jr. told the audience, which included President Joe Biden.

But the attention backfired on Sandoval. Maddix’s supporters flooded his Yelp page for Schwartz & Sandy with bad reviews. His current rating is 3 out of 5 stars, and the page displays the message “This business is being monitored by his Yelp support team for content related to media coverage.” .

However, Scandoval has benefited Bravo and brought in a new audience. Vanderpump rulesIt started in 2013 as a spin-off from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Follow Lisa Vanderpump restaurant and bar staff.Season 10 finale had the highest ratings of the series, surpassing Andy Cohen’s ratings Watch What Happens Live The episode with Maddix reached series record highs for a late-night show.

“If you think about it purely mathematically, it’s already got a lot of attention.” [the show] That’s in the past,” said Quinn, a New York Times bestselling author. Not all diamonds and roses: The inside story of real housewives to ask people who have lived.

Vanderpump rules Two seasons ago, it was a show that fans would have said was over,” he said. “I certainly think so [Scandoval has] A whole new life was breathed into the show. “

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